Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AXLVFLYER/ZODIAKFV needs to get a fucking clue.

Hi Everyone.

Today I decided to log into my YouTube account and found a cute little message left by my friend AXLVFLYER to a response I made on one of his posts. For those of you who don't know him, he posts various rock videos and songs, a lot like I do, but also more videos. A lot of his material falls into the same category as mine: bootlegged ROIOs and DVDs. This stuff is acceptable to posts and its why him and I have remained in good standing with the powers-to-be at YouTube.

I will say this though. We don't like each other.

AXLVFLYER is an uninformed noob. He has at least 3 different channels he operates under different, but similar names. He has thousands of videos total...making my channel small in comparison. He has a lot of great footage, but he ticks me off for two big reasons.

1) Many of his videos are things someone else had already posted
2) Several of his videos give incorrect/misleading information

Now I normally wouldn't give a shit if a person resposted something I posted. I just don't. Other people came to me first and mentioned him and how he had taken videos from other people and reposted them in his channel. I didn't want to get involved...that's between them and AXL. That didn't stop me from checking out AXL/ZODIAFKV's channel though (he has two main ones). Right off the bat I noticed he had posted some Lizzy from the Peel Sessions discs which he had titled as "alternate studio tracks". That's obviously not true. The Peel Sessions discs are pretty well-known in the Lizzy trading community. Additionally, he posted many of the same tracks I had posted at least a year prior. A simple YouTube search would of shown that...and wouldn't have taken more than two seconds. Reposting I can live with, but if you're gonna post something, don't try to pass it off as something it's clearly not. So I began to have a nice conversation with AXL about this. This is located here:

blacksabfan (2 months ago) Show Hide

A good track...although I liked it better when I posted it about a year ago...

AXEFLYERFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

I posted it in 2006,AXEMAN313 & MADAXEMAN13,old accounts aswell,thnx for tuning in Sab,great tracks on your page as alwasys!

blacksabfan (2 months ago) Show Hide

I remember the second of those accounts. There's absolutely no way it was up when I posted it, or I wouldn't of posted it again, because I don't believe in stepping on other's toes. It undermines their work, and I'm not much into doing that to others. Even it was posted back in '06 (which I doubt), if you delete your account and someone else posts it, then in my mind you're S.O.L.Besides, I've seen you've made quite a habit out of repackaging the work of others to promote your own page.

AXEFLYERFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

what the hell do you mean repacking the works of others,to promote my own page,I'm not promoting anything or copying videos of others,you gotta keep in mind that you or I don't own the rights to any of those tracks you download from certain pages,all I do is make the video to the track & share it,I don't care if somebody elses posted them or not,so what is is that is burning you up? if somebody steal(copies ) the video & posted as his I can understand,

AXEFLYERFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

which they have done it to me,I complimentedyou on your page & you come back with this ,just because you posted this track,I post what I like & you post what you like,what's wrong with that?
blacksabfan (2 months ago) Show Hide

Firstly, I didn't ask you to compliment me. Doing so and trying to make nice isn't really going to stop me from making my point.I'm just saying I'm not really getting why you double and triple post stuff, especially when someone else has already posted it. It's just sort of...pointless. I mean how many videos do you need? Look on my page and see how many doubled videos I have...it's not many and the only reason any would be doubled is because people decided to post the same songs later.

Now, I don't have a problem when it's a few songs or certain users who only have a few videos. They like the song too and that's great. But you have two channels and 400 trillion videos, and then decide too double and triple post stuff people can already find. It's just dumb.

ZODIAKFV (2 months ago) Show Hide
so what ! is there a limit or rule to prevent me from posting as many videos as I please?come on man,I have the time to do that it has become a hobby,I don't even send videos ,don't care about reaching the "MILLION" mark of views or subs,friends,I'm not here to become popular or compete with anybody,the other channel is only for 4 bands,& this one is for all other bands I like ,is not all Thin Lizzy if that's 1 of the reasons that's bothering you,

this has been the first time in a very long time since I've seen or been to your page,I don't kerep track of what you post or have posted ever since,I came in just to make sure it was the same Blksabfan that has come to my page.I guess to "Mark your groung:,now that I would call it Dumb,bur I don't wanna drag this into unnecessary bad blood between us,for music?I don't think that's cool!

oh I didn't even read your first comment,I don' t make nice with anybody,I don't check if someone has pposted this song before I just post it & that's it,you are practically seting your own rules,why don't you complaint to youtube that & see what they tell you!if that is the case I take them down,I don't sweat it!

blacksabfan (2 months ago) Show Hide

I'm not setting any rules. I'm just saying is disrespectful to those with smaller accounts IMHO. It's not even about my posts so much. Plus, why repost something if it's not about competition? If it's out there already why bother reposting it? People will hear it just the same.Also, I call bullshit with the last thing. Three people came to me and said you reposted videos they had posted previously. That's why I came to you. But do whatever you want though. I just wanted to make it clear to you that not everyone thinks what you're doing is great.

ZODIAKFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

how the hell am I suppose to know what other people post,and 3 came to you like you're some kind of authority,don't give that about people with smaller accounts,i don't care if people think I'm doing something great or not,I just told you I post music I like & if somebody wants to watch it find if not is just the same to me,I get this through your head 'cause it seems like it's been geting bigger,

here & check who posted a video & I'm gonna post it too,I know at least 1 guy from greece 1 of your subscribers BTW,with the same bullshit complaint about a track he had posted that i had,without relizing that he had done the same,you see he didn't know,& to me by coming here it just shows how selfish you are,I post what ever I wanna post & post whatever you want,is that simple, stop being a baby!

anter881 (1 month ago) Show Hide

i am not from greece in chat with you i used a latin sentence i am from croatia.i posted song nightlife and i searched youtube for that song and it wasn't on youtube but it was and it was named "nigtlife" so i couldn't find it.check out my videos and see if they have been allready on youtube.my and blasksabfan's arguments are blowing in the wind i can see rock on! keep 'em comin'! yeah whatever...

ZODIAKFV (1 month ago) Show Hide

Like I told blacksafffan,I don't care what everybody else post on their page,that is your page to post whatever you want & do whatever you want,nobody has the right to come in & tell you what to post or not,so I'm not going to go into nobody's page & check to see if somebody else has it & most definatelly blacksabbs page is one that I really don't care to see & hope I never hear from him ever!just post whatever you want,is your page !


Well that was cute. AXL can do whatever he wants. I just wanted to give my two cents, and ANTER881 was one of the guys that came to me and obviously shares my opinion. (He's a young guy and has come cool Lynott interviews on his page; check him out). I know YouTube doesn't have rules about the stuff I'm speaking about, but just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you shouldn't be respectful and considerate to others. If someone beats me to a post, then I don't post it. I've only posted a couple things that were already posted, and I had good reason to do so (both were Sabbath songs). I've been complimented by other people that posted some Lizzy stuff saying they were happy that I didn't step on their toes, and I try to be cognizant of that. Now, if AXL didn't have 6 channels with 500+ videos on each, I wouldn't care, but honestly what's his point? It's almost like he's trying to monopolize rock music and trying to put up every damn thing he can find on his channel. And people say I have a big ego...

Nothing happened for several months...until yesterday. I saw this posted on another one of AXL's videos. In fact it was one of Lizzy's Peel Sessions tracks (Jailbreak) and AXL is off trying to pass it off of something it's not. At least a few people are a little wiser to this:

666demonguitarist (2 months ago) Show Hide

This isn't studio version you goddamn retard.

ZODIAKFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

so what else is it,?do you hear a live audience you Dumbass?


I thought about inserting my two cents here, but I chose this other post instead:

gyroe182 (1 week ago) Show Hide

this track was recorded live in a BBC session. I dunno what the bootleg was called but I am sure it was a recording for the BBC.

blacksabfan (1 day ago) Show Hide

That would be correct. One of John Peel's sessions in fact. I'm not sure what the poster is talking about when he says it's a 'studio track'. It sure as hell isn't. Lack of audience does not automatically mean it's a studio track.

AXEFLYERFV (1 hour ago) Show Hide

so tell me where exactly is from? (already did, asshole) since you get everything or should I say download everything you got from Guitar101 website! (I get most stuff from DIME/Traders Den...I haven't downloaded anything from 101 in over 6 months...and a lot of my rarer stuff is directly from trading) you are such an ass,you had to come back to my page & continue to fuck with me,Do you want you page suspended for posting AUDIO TRACKS that you don't have the copyrights to? (LOL, see below) we been through this before ,I told you don't come to my page I won't go to your page! (I banned him from commenting on my page, too bad he's too stupid to do the same to me)everybody has the right to post anything they want! stop being a prick!LAST WARNING !

blacksabfan ( 31 minutes ago) Show Hide

You go ahead and try and get my page suspended. To do that you have to be the person that owns the copyrights to the tracks. I think you have plenty of material as well that YOU don't own the copyrights too, so it goes both ways. All I said was that it wasn't a studio track, and it's not. I already said where it was from. If you don't want to listen, then don't. Be ignorant. I don't give a fuck.

ZODIAKFV (8 minutes ago) Show Hide

Do you think I care about my account being suspended,youtube will only take my Lizzy tracks!(Think again, asshole) stop being an ass!don't reply anymore or both accounts will go down (mutually-assured destruction??!) ,since you don't give a fuck ,I don't either!

All I did was correct the poor bastard. Didn't mean to start a nuke-throwing game. First off, I called his bluff on the whole account-banning thing. AXL doesn't own the copyrights either, and you can only get videos banned by proving you own the copyrights. AXL doesn't own jackshit, so he's not going to be able to get my account banned. Good try though douche. Likewise, I can't get his account banned either, but I can make him look like a complete dumbass by typing about his practices in my blog...

I also like how in one breath he claims he never hardly goes on my channel, and that's his main excuse for all the double and triple posting he does. Then in this latest tirade, he claims I get all my stuff from Guitars101. How would you be able to make that assessment if you NEVER GO TO MY CHANNEL??? How about you spew some more shit from your mouth AXL that makes no sense? In fact, the 10 videos on my channel page, exactly ZERO of those were downloaded from Guitars101. Several of them have never even been available ANYWHERE before...like the Giscombe/Lynott tracks,"Hard Times", and the version of Emerald from Tokyo.

Basically if he just learned exactly what he had in his possession, I'd be fine. I'm tired of people thinking those Peel Sessions tracks are demos/alternative studio sessions. What makes me even more mad is that he sits there and argues with me/insults me rather than just admitting his mistake and moving on. If he hates me giving my opinion of him, then he just needs to ban me (like I did to him) from commenting and move on. I'm still not sure how he thinks he's going to get YouTube to take down my account. If copyright was an issue it would of been down a long fucking time ago. Fuck him and his fucking 800 channels, and his "I don't need to respect other users" attitude. Just look around at some of the Michael Schenker material and Lizzy material he's posted and see if anyone else had posted it first...I bet 90% of it is repeated. (In fact I know, because I don't need to watch his videos...if I see one I like, I just look for the original poster and watch it from their channel).

For the record...AXL is the second nominee for "YouTube Idiot of the year'. Congrats.