Thursday, February 4, 2010

DimeADozen needs to get a fucking clue.

Hi everyone.

Just got done posting a torrent. It took 2 hrs. It shouldn't take 2 hrs, especially since I had it prepared last night. Leave it to DIME to fuck things up and leave me pissed off.

I attempted to post a lossless version of "Snowed in Cork". It contains some soundcheck tracks from both Cork and Hammersmith, as well as the first 5 tracks from the gig at Cork on 13 April 1980. Shortly after I posted it, it was banned because of track number 10.

Track 10 is "Don't Play Around" (Soundcheck from 29 May 1980 @ Hammersmith)

I looked at the link they gave me, and all it said was that it was officially released as the B-Side of the Killer on the Loose single. I knew that's bullshit. That was a studio release. So I emailed them for an explanation. This is what I got:

I'm going to post this email exchange, tell me if you think my logic is flawed at all. I don't think it is, but DIME seems very adamant about their stance.

Me = Red
Dime = Blue
I uploaded torrent #288846 - Thin Lizzy Snowed in Cork, and it was banned because someone claimed the track "Don't Play Around" (from the Hammersmith Soundcheck was used on the "Killer on the Loose" B-Side.

Well, it wasn't. The B-Side for that single was the Studio version of "Don't Play Around", not what I posted.

Hi Ryan
The released studio version of "Don't Play Around" was recorded at the Hammersmith soundcheck in 1980 and was reworked in the studio so its to iffy to run here.

Reworked? They aren't even close to the same thing! Likewise, that information isn't even listed on the link provided and I'd like to see some proof of that before you start banning torrents.

If you have the Swedish 2CD release of "The Boys Are Back In Town" from from 2001 on Vertigo 548483-2,please read the sleeve notes written by Jörgen Holmstedt in the inner tray. Thats sufficient information for us to call this particular track off limits on DIME.

I think that's being way too picky. But whatever. When I put it up without that track, I'll expect you to show up and explain to everyone else why that track isn't there.

No its not whatever, its one of the reason why DIME still exists. We were forced to close down twice in not too distant past. On both occasions, it was because of one track in one torrent. That's all it takes. Sorry but we are not willing to put DIME in risk simply because you don't like the way it affects your uploading.

"When I put it up without that track, I'll expect you to show up and explain to everyone else why that track isn't there."
No, you could just link to this page

Because it was "probably recorded". Wow, that's convincing evidence that obviously didn't come from listening to the two songs...

Well if I am not slightly mistaken the same thing is even mentioned in "The Rocker" by Mark Putterford,so if you know more than the journalists Holmstedt and Putterford who both had followed the band very close,well good on you.
"Probably recorded" makes this a conflict with an official release and then the track is off limits on DIME until evidence can be provided to prove otherwise.

I just got out my copy of the Rocker, it doesn't say anything of the sort. It talks about a live version of "Chinatown" being recorded for a b-side at one of the hammersmith gigs, but not anything about "Don't Play Around" being reworked or used for any singles. In theory, then why should any demos be allowed here? Those songs end up 'reworked' and on official releases...seems like the same thing to me.
I know you've had "legal issues" twice, but there's a difference between caution and sheer paranoia.
Don't bother to send anymore messages. I'm not reading them, and I've said all I need to say.

I figured I had pushed my luck enough at this point. I don't agree with their logic. A reworked track is something different. If it was anyone else they probably wouldn't give a shit, or if Brother_52 wasn't some Lizzy 'expert' it would pass right under their noses. I've seen it before with regards to certain Sabbath posts.

Oh, and if you want the track that caused all this, look no further:

You tell me if it sounds like the studio version...


And for the record, DIME, if you keep sending me stupid emails, which give various excuses but never any apologies for when you are actually wrong about something (and you are), then expect me to keep posting them on my blog.
Since I initiated the correspondence, nor do I feel I have anything to hide, I don't have a problem with it.
I loved this though:

Me: "In theory, then why should any demos be allowed here? Those songs end up 'reworked' and on official releases...seems like the same thing to me.

Dime: "Then make your own tracker with your own rules and take the legal responsibility yourself."

Translation: Good point. But we don't give a fuck and won't admit you make sense. We'll just bitch at you like it's your fault. Then get mad because you've chosen to highlight this idiocy in a public forum out of our control.
I wouldn't have a problem with any of this if they were halfway respectful. But they aren't. They are more worried about legal issues than trying to deal with any of the people that use DIME. If someone asks a question which may be answered in the FAQ page (despite the fact they have shit all over the place in there and it's hard to navigate as it is), they get all condescending and come down on them like the jerks they are. Here's another example from another post on another torrent.
#3776571 by Blacksabfan at 2010-01-30 04:33:41 GMT

Thanks for posting the AUD of this.
The thing thats always intrigued me is that the officially released "Live in Sweden" disc contains the supposed Avesta show (SBD) as a bonus disc, yet from simply listening to this and that disc, the shows aren't the same. I'm fairly certain that this is I wonder what that bonus disc really is.

#3777085 by Brother_52 at 2010-01-30 12:02:55 GMT

This Avesta recording is NOT the same show as the bonus disc "Live In Sweden" and not in conflict with the Zoom release. I own the Avesta silver discs as well as the Zoom release.

From what I remember the Zoom release is from

1983-08-05 Brunnsparken,Örebro,Sweden

and is not in conflict with any of the 3 musketeers recordings which is in circulation in trading circles

The Mod Team

#3777819 by Blacksabfan at 2010-01-30 17:43:31 GMT
That's exactly what I already said...

#3778084 by Brother_52 at 2010-01-30 19:20:01 GMT

There is a major difference,I speak on behalf of DIME.

Several users have reported this torrent as wikipedia says the official release on Zoom has material from Avesta. If there is a conflict between this torrent and and an official release this torrent would not be allowed shared here as it could cause DIME legal problems. As the moderators see it there is no problem with this torrent running here as either is this torrent wrongly dated or wikipedia/Zoom Records have got the date for the recording on the bonus disc wrong.

And by the way, that's posted in the comments section and is public. I didn't have to go through my email to dig those out.

See my point. It would be fine if they just would concur, because the reason I made my first post was to show to others that it wasn't the same thing as the supposed official release. But, he not only ignores my post and copies the exact same information, he then goes on to say about how his expertise in Lizzy supercedes mine because he's a moderator and he speaks on "behalf of Dime". Whoopie shit. There's easier ways to agree with someone than belitting someone else's knowledge and touting your credentials.

Secondly, I would think posting a show that claims to be from a date that already has an official release would be something that could cause a legal issue. Granted we know they both aren't the same, but it's not like any lawyer or music label is going to know this. So, it seems like you're taking a risk by letting it remain on the tracker. That's fine and good, and I don't even disagree, it should be on the tracker because it's not the same show. I'm just saying it might lead to confusion, and could lead to legal trouble from those who aren't as informed about such matters. Yet, you seem to be willing to risk it in this case, but not for my case. It almost is like you just seem to pick battles how you see fit, and not whether they make sense or not. The track I posted as a different guitar solo and runs significantly longer than the official release. It's not even remotely close to being the same. Reworked to me means it's way different and should be allowed. Hell, it's more different than a lot of demos that get reworked...but yet those aren't banned. It almost seems like they enjoy picking on me when I upload stuff and overly scrutinzing it just because they don't like me making examples of them to the general public, and pointing out their mistakes and contradictions.

And yes, YOU DO MAKE THEM. Just because you're running DIME doesn't mean you're infallible.

It's that attitude above, and their resistance to apologize and correct mistakes that makes me post private email from them in a blog.