Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little late but...

Yeah...I know I promised a new post over the weekend, but I got busy with non-internet related activities and totally forgot. Sorry.

Here's another show for you all. I promised some Ray Gillen and here it is. This is from a vinyl bootleg known as "The Sphinx". It was the second bootleg I ever heard and I didn't hardly know what it was at the time. I think I was about 18 or so, and I'm not even sure if I had every official Sabbath album at the time. I was looking around on the internet for downloads and came across this, knowing it was Sabbath, but not really knowing anything about Ray Gillen.

So I sort of set it aside. Only about three years later I figured out exactly what I had.

'The Sphinx' is one of the last shows Ray Gillen played with Black Sabbath, and is a complete audience recording of their gig at the Hammersmith Odeon on 2 June 1986. There is also a more common, incomplete FM recording for the gig, but this isn't what I have. I got my copy of the Sphinx in .mp3 form, and have not seen a lossless copy of this show as of late. I would be interested in one if a person has it, or better yet, post it on DIME or TradersDen so everyone can enjoy it.

Until that time though, here's the link to the Sphinx (in Mp3)

Now, there's been some recent developments I have to attend to. Full version of "The Rebel"? Maybe...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New links for you all

Here's some stuff to keep you all busy:

Black Sabbath - Hartford 8/10/1980 (this is the show as it appears on Wolfgang's Vault--there is no available non-lossy source for the entire show)

In .flac -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2YS5PHHV

of if you prefer...

In .mp3 (at 192kbps) -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=94MM2GJF

I'll have a new Sabbath show up this weekend. Perhaps something with Ray Gillen...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Who gives birth to these people????

Hi everyone,

Earlier tonight, I posted my first Sabbath torrent over at DIME, which was coincidently was the infamous "Riot Show" that took place in Milwaukee, WI on October 9, 1980. It's a unique show, and I say that because it's the only audio of a riot (that I'm aware of) that exists on tape. I've posted the riot portion on YouTube previously and it was one of my top 9 most listened to audios.

Occasionally on this clip, I get some jackasses that comment about how Dio didn't do enough to stop the eventual riot, or comments such as: "Sabbath should of played anyway" or "The bottle should of been thrown at Dio" or "Dio is a bitch because he ran away and didn't beat the guy up" or other ridiculous bullshit. Here's my views on the entire subject.

First off, Geezer, by his own admission, was knocked out when the bottle hit him, and didn't even completely come to until he was at the hospital. Not so much from the bottle hitting him in the head (which probably was bad enough) but from hitting the stage floor. So you tools that keep saying "Sabbath should of kept playing"...that was completely out of the question. They couldn't continue, so get that thought out of your tiny brains. Okay?

Secondly, who's retarded enough to pay money for a ticket to see a band, and to get so hammered/stoned/fucked up that you can't even watch the show. That's bad enough, but to throw a bottle at one of the band members? If you hate them that bad, then save your money and keep your ass at home. Don't drag your drugged-out ass to the show, probably fucked up enough to get a DUI on the way there (or back) and be the instigator of a riot. There's no way anyone could pull anymore of a bitch move then that. Period. If you hate Dio and think the bottle should be thrown at him instead, all I'm going to say is that no respectable human should behave like that. If you don't like him, then don't listen to his music and don't go to the show. If you're at a festival and you don't like a band, then use the bathroom, get something to eat, or buy some merchandise. Don't be a dipshit and get yourself arrested. Honestly, throwing shit at a band will only make them think they are better than they really are, and make them more determined to make more shitty music. If everyone just walked away from the stage, think about how shitty that band would feel. They might actually think they suck and quit. Maybe.

So what's Dio to do about it? Should he have thrown himself into the crowd to protect the honor of Geezer and the band and punched that guy in the face? You probably think "YEAH!!! That would be so metal!!! LOL!!!!"


This idea was attempted 11 years later in St. Louis by Axl Rose. Apparently not thrilled with the security, Axl Rose jumped into the audience and punched a fan who was taping the show. This led to a lawsuit by the fan, and a full-scale riot after Axl's outburst and premature end to the show. Dio is obviously a smarter and more classy man than Axl is, and while it might appear to be "cool" to you neanderthals out there, that's an EVEN WORSE way to handle the situation. Glad that has been cleared up.

Anyway, this 'brilliant' guy by the name of "ozzymanod411" has commented on the afformentioned audio. He's inspired this post in a way, but in a way I feel bad for him. This guy has the unofficial distinction of typing the most idiotic comment ever on ANY of my uploads. That's pretty hard to do. I mean, who gave birth to this person? Is it not too late that we can't stuff him back up into his mother's uterus and abort this M.F. before he kills someone due to his overwhelming stupidity? I mean come on...this has to be a joke...there's no way anyone can be this dumb and actually be serious. Yet, I'm totally baffled. Just read this shit:

ozzymanod411 (1 week ago) Show Hide
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haha, dio, what a bitch, "the stage is not a trash can, we dont apreciate getting things thrown at us" haha what a retard if someone in my band got hit with a bottle i would find the mother fucker that threw it and kill him/her

blacksabfan (1 week ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Yeah I'm sure you would...

ozzymanod411 (4 days ago) Show Hide
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wow u r a genius, that has to be the best come back i've ever seen, where is your rebellion, well i guess if i was a shriveled up turd like dio i wouldn't want to fight either

blacksabfan (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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What are you even talking about?

ozzymanod411 (2 days ago) Show Hide
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your dumbass comment "yeah i'm shure you would"

blacksabfan (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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I meant it sarcastically. I don't think you have the balls, or ability, to kill anyone. You don't seem bright enough to pull it off either. Really the only dumbass is you...I'm amazed you can breathe, let alone type malformed and idiotic comments on YouTube. Your parents must be proud. Now make yourself unavailable for further comment, or I'll have to force the issue...

ozzymanod411 (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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i wasnt commenting on your sarcasm i got that i was commenting on how well thought out it was, you and all your idiot friends that think dio is an excuse for a human being need to kill yourselves, he is a stuck up bastard who's lyrics have no meaning whatsoever and has inspired a decade of brainless followers, and saying that you are going to kill someone is a figure of speech, If someone had thrown a bottle at a band member of mine i shure wouldnt say "the stage is not a trash can" and then hid

blacksabfan (4 minutes ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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So should Dio have jumped in the audience and punched the guy? Axl Rose tried that about 9 [11 years but I was working from memory] years later and guess what dipshit? It led to a riot! (which is what my second picture is from coincidently). So your solution isn't any better, and you get a box of FAIL for your effort.

blacksabfan (20 seconds ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Besides, you calling me and a bunch of other people "brainless" is hilarious given that you can't fucking type a single sentence, or at least what would be considered a sentence (they end in periods). I could assume your keyboard is broken, but I think I'd rather assume you're a fucking dolt.Seriously, I had a hard time trying to figure out how to approach this. It might be the most goddamn stupid piece of writing ever written on anything I've posted (and I've seen a lot of bullshit).

Seriously??? This dude hasn't typed one fucking sentence the entire time and he's calling ME brainless?! What does one even say to this glaring hypocrisy? Not just me even, but everyone that likes Dio. That's a lot of 'brainless' people. Although I have yet to meet a Dio fan that couldn't type of complete sentence, but I HAVE seen at least 20 Ozzy fans write me comments that might as well been written like they just banged their head on the keyboard and hit "post". I like Ozzy, but I honestly am starting to buy into the stereotype that more of Ozzy's fans are white-trash losers with ZERO education. I'm not even considering the fact that everything this asshole said was 100% wrong. But at least he knows what a figure of speech is...he's still got that going for him.


Oh, and I said that I'd post a link with my next post...yeah sorry. Check back Wednesday for that.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Substitute Teaching, DIME Mods, other observations...

Hi Everyone,

I had planned on putting up a link to download some songs from "Mythology", which was Tony Iommi's band prior to Black Sabbath. I don't have to now because some gracious soul uploaded them to DIME. In fact, it turns out that these recordings are so 'special', that DIME has allowed them to remain on the tracker despite the fact the show is lossy-sourced. A lossless source for the show hasn't surfaced yet, and DIME smartly has realized how significant the show is to many Sabbath collectors. I had no idea it was actually as rare as it was, as I found my copy on a file-sharing site (of all places).

DIME is a great resource for boots. They overall do a great job, and their mods are generally very helpful. I've dealt with them on a couple of occasions. A few of them are a little rude though, and I remember when I was uploading my very first torrent, I had a question and I got snapped at by one of the mods. Apparently my question was stupid to him, but as a first-timer (and a person known for not asking stupid questions), I think he was just a jerk. Whatever.

Today, another person who I don't really know well (but frequents the same downloads I do) uploaded his first Lizzy torrent today. Good for him. I'm glad he took the time to learn the nuances behind DIME's uploading system. It turns out his source for the show was lossy though and it got pulled from the tracker. From what he said, I doubt he had any clue his show was even lossy. Oddly enough, another person uploaded the same show after this (a previously unknown FM source) and I was able to acquire it anyway. A few people made comments about the other version that had been pulled, and I thought it would be good to say something. Everyone makes mistakes and while it was the uploader's responsibility to make sure it wasn't lossy before he uploaded it, I doubt he even thought twice or knew better. It's one of those times where you think "yeah, technically he did something wrong, but is it really necessary to make a big deal out of it??" I would say no. This wasn't a big deal. I commented as much about it, saying that you couldn't really fault him...he's just a newbie and everyone makes mistakes. No need to stone the guy.

Of course, the moderator jumped down my throat about my comment, and was like "yes, it was his responsibility...blah blah blah...". I already know this... I'm not saying he isn't responsible...but let's face it...if everyone was perfect, this moderator WOULDN'T HAVE A JOB. There's really no reason moderators should ever get pissy unless people are repeat offenders. Other than that, they are doing what they volunteered to do. So there's no reason to complain and chastize people for making mistakes...especially first timers. I like to think of myself as a hard man, but yet I'm pretty compassionate. Especially when people take responsibility for errors they make. It shows they are humble, and it shows that they are responsible...two very valuable qualities. I can easily forgive a person when they show those qualities. There's no need to come down hard on a newbie and discourage him completely from ever contributing postitively again. I wanted to say something to the moderator, but just before I posted a comment, I deleted it. I don't know how the moderator would take it, and I don't need to deal with one that's on a power-trip. Sometimes that happens to moderators and they go off the handle. I can post it here though, and I think it's a good thing to keep in mind when dealing with people...online or in real life.

Moving on, lately I've been working quite a bit, so I haven't had a chance to update here. I work as a substitute teacher, and I'm trying to get a permanent position teaching Social Studies. Right now I sub for several districts, but spend most of my time in one specific school. It's tough at times because the kids think I look young and they think I'm funny (one of them said I should be a standup comedian). If I'm not strict, they can be handful. I enjoy it a lot, and it's nice to get a paycheck every two weeks. The pay actually isn't that bad for working 4ish days a week.

My next post will have a download of some kind in it. I have to work on getting my Lizzy and Sabbath lists updated tomorrow. I have a lot of potential traders contacting me...and my lists aren't accurate at all, especially with the reason gold rush of Lizzy and Sabbath material online. If you have some good stuff and want to trade, feel free to contact me and we can trade lists. I'm not guaranteeing that I WILL trade with you necessarily, but trading inventories is nice just to see what's available.

Have a good weekend everyone.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Update

Hi Everyone,

Since my previous two lengthy posts regarding my situation with RL, a gentleman from RL took the time to privately contact me and together we worked out some sort of mutual understanding regarding what had happened in the past. Hopefully both sides can build on this and learn from this experience so that it doesn't happen to anyone else in the future.

It's hard sometimes when you're involved in an incident like mine NOT to throw insults back and forth. It happened on both sides. That's what happens when reputations are threatened and accusations fly when all the information isn't quite out there. Sometimes the best thing to do is just sit down and sort everything out first. I know that's hard to do over the internet and often it is the factor of 'time' that sorts these issues out. Am I sorry about what happened? Of course. Am I sorry about how I acted? Not really. I don't know what else I could of done. Maybe I could of just ignored it all, but I'm the type of person that will stand up for myself and not allow myself to get mowed down by others. Again, it's just how I was brought up and how I come 'wired'. It bothers me more to ignore something than to say something, even if it's a sentence. It seems like all the great historical figures were the ones that chose NOT to ignore injustices that they saw or were put against them. I'm not trying to compare this event to anything like that or myself to MLK Jr., George Washington, or anyone else...but I believe saying something and making your opinion known is the only way you might be able to generate change. Ignoring a problem won't do anything.

Anyway, that something for you guys to chew on next time you get into any 'discussions' with someone else.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Repost of second compilation.

The Rapidshare link already expired due to high demand (it reached it's download limit), so here's a new link to the 1983-1985 stuff.


This is all I'm posting. I was substitute teaching some damn 7th graders today and I'm pretty spent. 13 year olds are the most annoying people on earth.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Part 2

Picking up where I left off...

August 8, 2008 started like any other day. I get on in the afternoon to check my YouTube page and notice that I have about 30 more comments than I normally do in any given day...all on the same two videos, the Catholic Charm video and the What's The Matter Baby video. I start reading the comments and it's all criticism. I got posts saying that the music didn't belong on YouTube, and because of what I had done, bootleggers were now going to get the music and make $ from it (which doesn't make sense) and how I didn't give proper credit or how the music was copyrighted and wasn't allowed on there. None of the posts made sense and after arguing my point a bit, I decided to just delete all the posts. That shit doesn't contribute to anyone's enjoyment of the music and it really isn't needed. (I really should do that for every idiotic comment I get on every video, but some are so unintentionally hilarious I can't resist commenting back...)

After this, I logged on to RL to see if anything new was going on and I was greeted by a comment from Phil Osborne which said something the effect of "not as smart-mouthed on here as you are on your YouTube page, are you Ryan?". I quickly learned that it was him and a few others that were behind this hate-campaign on the music I posted. I had seen this before. Other people got blasted by him and some of the other RLers and either stopped coming back or were booted from the site. I didn't do anything wrong and I felt I didn't answer to him or anyone else. Who made him the boss of what I can post?? In fact, it was one of their own that double-crossed me to begin with, and now they have the nerve to come at me and criticize MY actions. I wasn't about to stand for it. I was very quick to defend myself and I did quite well, considering everyone else piled on Phil O.'s side and it was one against about 12. Another gentleman I had never even spoken to demanded I apologize for my actions. I told him that "I would apologize when hell freezes over and monkeys fly out of my ass." Eventually things calmed down, but I was still barred from the site in early December 2008. Whatever.

They have instigated everything at every step. They screwed me first, then sought me out and left me hate mail and spam, then on their own site called me out and threw me under the bus...and they expect me to be nice to them? To give them the time of day and respect?? They must be out of their fuckin' minds. Then just a couple days ago it happens again over at DIME. A few of them show up, acts like 2 year olds, and get all pissy when I tell them to 'get bent'. Quite a typical exchange.

Oh, and back to Jim Cameron...while all this was going on, Jim Cameron didn't say a word...not for at least 3 or 4 weeks. Eventually the truth came out about his involvement and all of a sudden, he wanted to make amends for his actions. In truth, he knew he was in BIG TROUBLE with the rest of RL and wanted to attempt to fix this. He ended up sending me two additional tracks from the T&L sessions (but STILL not the whole disc, like I had innitially requested). I took them and in exchange, I took down Catholic Charm and What's the Matter Baby from YouTube. Also, there was so supposed to be no further discussion of the incident, no badmouthing from either side, and it was all supposed to end. Fair enough.

Obviously, it didn't happen that way though. Sometime in September (edit: October 12, sometimes my mental clock fails me) I received another message at YouTube from Jim, and he basically blasted me again, whining about how he had been "kicked out" of the "inner circle" because of MY actions. He went on and on about how now no one would be willing to trade with him. To that, I basically said I didn't give a rat's ass, and that it was HIS ACTIONS toward me that caused this whole incident, and that now he can feel like the other 99% of fans that aren't able to get the material that does exist. That was the end of my communication with Jim. Meanwhile, veiled criticism of me and some other people continued over at RL and for awhile I just ignored it. I was still willing to not stir the pot even though I graciously accepted less than what I was promised and appeased those over at RL. I had broken my back to please these people...and that still hasn't been enough. I got tired of it, and back up Catholic Charm and What's the Matter Baby went. I figured if they are going to badmouth me, I might as well give them a half-assed reason instead of no reason at all. Besides, they had been heard and even put in torrents prior to me taking them down the first time. They are out there now, so lets keep them out there.

There's one more part to this story that I have to leave out for now. Perhaps someday I can tell it, but the reason I can't is that it's still going on at this very moment. It's regarding the amount of Lizzy that has appeared on DIME in the last month. It's not an accident. I know EXACTLY why it's happening. That's for another day (or maybe year) though.

This is pretty much it. There's a few other minor things but this is really what one needs to know. I hope this makes things more clear for you all on why I have criticized RL. Perhaos if they would leave me alone...I wouldn't have to leave their email address in my channel page... (edit: I have since removed it)

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Part 1

Hey Everyone,

First off, as I promised a few of you, here are some compilations I put together with various Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott tracks. A few of the tracks can be found on "The Man and His Music" Set, but I tried to put some of the other more obscure tracks in these. I left out the T&L Demos and Grand Slam Demos. The T&L Demos are posted over at DIME and the Grand Slam demos I'm leaving for another day. I didn't have time to make any artwork, as my photoshop has been screwing up lately and I've been kept busy over at DIME. If you've been over on DIME you'll understand.

For the 1978-1982 compilation: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KH18U0XQ

For the 1983-1985 compilation: http://rapidshare.com/files/179510962/1983-1985_Phil_Lynott_-_Rare_Cuts__Demos_and_B-Sides.zip.html

I mentioned last night that I would eventually tell my story about my experiences with Rock Legend (http://www.thin-lizzy.info/) and how I became involved in this 'battle' to try and get more stuff made available to all the Lizzy fans. There's been nothing more inspiring to me than hearing from many of the older Lizzy fans who saw Lizzy in their prime and to listen to their stories. Believe me, there's been times where I'd like to say "fuck it, this isn't worth the trouble and aggrevation I get from Rock Legend and some of the people that run it, but in the end, I know I'm doing the right thing. The messages I get from people thanking me affirms that over and over again.

I've had my YouTube account for a couple years now, but I started posting in February 2008. Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath have been my top two favorite bands for at least 3 years now. I don't think any other band will come along and knock them from the top two. I noticed there was a general lack of material on YouTube for both bands, and I thought I would try and make a "music video". My very first video was "Don't Let Him Slip Away", one of the outtakes from the T&L Sessions. I had always loved the song and figured that not many people knew about it. Over the next couple months I posted lots of videos, sometimes as many as 8-10 a day. They are quite easy to make and I knew people would listen to the content, as many probably had never heard the material before.

In April, I was approached by a gentleman named Jim Cameron. He is the webmaster at RockLegend and also a huge Thin Lizzy fan. I had known of the website and had always admired the design and layout of the site. I still do. It's great for information. He said he liked the work I had done; keep the Lizzy flag flying...etc. and asked if he could have copies of all the material I had collected. In return, he would offer me a few selections from his collection. We decided we would swap over Rapidshare and that I would send him HALF of my collection, and he would send me half of what I asked for, and then the process would repeat for the other half of the deal. I had no problem with this and I agreed on a couple of selections and I set about sending him copies of the material I had collected. While it wasn't very difficult for me to do that, it was very time consuming. I had about half of it completed, and when it came for Jim to begin completing his end of the deal, he "disappeared".

Of course, I politely emailed him and wanted to know what was going on, and I the first time, I got an excuse and gave me a date that he would send me the material by. That date came and went. I waited another month. Still nothing. In the meantime, I had met another person who had given me a couple of the selections I had asked for from Jim, but still, I wanted Jim to at least be held accountable. I was not pleased in how he handled the situation and I felt in a way he had wasted my time. (I still have all this correspondence in my email, and I don't plan on deleting it. I can produce it on demand.)

Finally in early July 2008, I emailed Jim, and it was not a pleasant email. By this time I expected to get nothing, so basically I told him to forget about it and never ask me for any favor again. I sort of guilt tripped him a bit, but I was raised where if you say you're going to do something, you do it, and you do it right. To my surprise, Jim emailed me 'Catholic Charm', 'What's the Matter Baby', and the demo of 'Fats'. He said that a family situation had come up and that once it was resolved he had "forgotten" about our agreement. This very well could of happened, but damn...be accountable. He could of at least emailed and told me that there was going to be delays, but he just "forgot". Forgot for almost 3 months...right. He didn't put any stipulations on the tracks (which were all in mp3 format), but said they might be good to hold onto as trade bait. He didn't bother to send me any of the remaining things I had asked for, so essentially, I gave him half my collection for these three tracks. I was frustrated, but I was willing to let it go.

So I held onto the tracks for awhile. By this time, I was approaching my 225th video or so. I got my account on RockLegend and actually met Phil Osborne (FJ/Father Jack) for the first time. I read some of the posts and was a little concerned about what I was reading. RockLegend has a really slanted view on Thin Lizzy, but if you go on there here's what you should do.

1) Say how much you love the tribute bands (but NOT the Sykes/Gorham version of Lizzy).
2) Give as much praise as you can to Brian Robertson.
3) NEVER EVER mention the word 'bootleg'...not even with the best intentions.
4) Throw jabs at Gary Moore whenever you can.
5) ...and be sure to pile on when someone does something the forum doesn't like.

Anyway, it's not a really good fan forum because Phil O. and a couple others pretty much run the show and dictate what goes on there. If you show up--no matter how polite you are--if you say something they deem "wrong", such as praising Gary Moore, they'll send the dogs after you. I've seen it many, many times. Someone there asked about Sue Peters and about got their head bitten off. Why would anyone want a part of a forum where you can even express your views on a band freely? It was quite slanted, so I mainly kept silent and didn't stir the pot. I towed the line for awhile even though I didn't agree with how the forums were ran.

In mid July, a promo disc for the now-officially released Derby '75 gig went up for bid on Ebay. This was one of the shows I originally had asked Jim for, and he had agreed to send to me. Of course, he never did, and when this came up, I wanted to purchase it. I was also worried in the back of my mind that the disc might not come out at all (sort of like the Decca-remasters) so I ended up bidding on the disc. I was very close to winning it, but then the bid was driven way up by another person. After a bidding war, I was still ahead at £25 ($60) but lost it in the waning seconds. I was disappointed, but that's life. Here's the kicker though...

It was Jim Cameron who bought the disc.

I learned of this on the RL forums and this just flat out pissed me off. This guy has already not done what he had promised me he would do, and now he intentionally drove up the price for the promo disc of the EXACT SAME show that he promised he would send me, and bought it out from under me, because he, in his own words, was protecting the show so no one would take it upon themselves to bootleg it prior to release. Sort of a bitch move IMHO. He later claimed he didn't know I was the other bidder, but I doubt that. In any event, Jim, Phil O. and a few others had this show for YEARS prior to it's official release and didn't share it with anyone outside their inner circle. The same still goes for many other shows (although this has changed if one goes on DIME lately). The more I thought about, the more it pissed me off. Jim, Phil O., and a few chosen others have tons of material which will never be heard, and that they claim they are saving in case other rare material comes to light. Fair enough, but it's been 23 years and it's not happening, and in the same breath, they'll claim some of these same shows aren't rare at all, so then ask yourself this...why aren't they giving people a chance to hear them?

It was after this, I decided to post the tracks Jim Cameron gave me. To hell with trading for myself. Do something for the fans...do something for all the other old fans that might not get to hear this music before they make like Lynott and leave this earth. You can't take the music with you...so give others the chance to hear it. That's what I did. I posted those tracks. I was never told I couldn't, and after being screwed over twice, I felt it was poetic justice.

Then on August 8, 2008...all hell broke loose. That's for another post though.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Well looks like it's back on again...

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow I will have the two compiliations posted. I would have liked to put them up in lossless format, but I do not have lossless copies of a majority of the songs these compilations are comprised of. Mp3 will have to do I suppose, which leads me into the main topic of my post.

Tonight over at DIME I posted my fourth torrent. I posted the T&L Demos. If anyone is interested, head on over there. I'm getting used to making torrents now, and I can make them pretty fast. Obviously though, you need lossless files to post over at DIME. Thankfully, in the last month or so, there has been a big push on DIME by me and a few other people to post some "new" Lizzy/Lynott related material. I know why this "push" occurred, but that will be explained at a much later date.

Needless to say, my 'mortal enemies' at RL have decided to come out of the woodwork over at DIME and berate me and accuse me of diluting the quality of audio by posting on YouTube and also are pissed because I badmouth them. Apparently I'm an ungrateful jerk that doesn't respect what they have done in the past to get certain things made available to the legions of Lizzy fans. They left their nonsense over at 'Thin Lizzy - Nuremburg '83 torrent' on DIME, and my response to them is located over there as well. I'm not going to repeat it all here, but I would like to make some points very clear.

1) I am always trying to upgrade my stuff. If I have lossy files, I'm constantly looking for the lossless ones. The reason so much lossy crap exists on the internet is that some idiot converts lossless files into lossy and passes them on. Meanwhile, the original lossless files disappear from the torrents and certain people stop posting shows (because they are mad that their music is being diluted) and stop contributing. The lossless files disappear and people are left with the shitty lossy files. I've never converted lossless into lossy and passed it on. I have passed on lossy that I have found in that format, simply because I know people want to hear ANYTHING they can. The lossy stuff I have is stuff I found or was given in that format. Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade it eventually, but until then...

2) Even with the existence of lossy files, that doesn't mean people shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the music. I post on YouTube whatever I have...whether I'm posting uncompressed .wav files, or lossy .mp3 files. I found them in that manner, and if they are around and there's no better quality, why NOT post them. Lossy is better than nothing.

3) If more people posted their lossless stuff, and kept it seeding, people would be able to obtain the best quality audio at any time. Lossy would still exist, but the existance of lossy doesn't decrease the amount of quality lossless shows. It also discourages bootlegging for profit, because if shows are made available on sites like TheTradersDen and DIME, then people can get them for FREE. Hoarding and suppressing material only allows bootleggers to keep their jobs and make like bandits on Ebay.

This is why I post stuff. Not only is it historical, but it's insuring that material doesn't end up lost, or in the hands of people that will make others pay to hear it. Why anyone would be against this, I have no idea. RL can sit and make excuses about how I'm doing evil deeds and how I'm capitalizing from their hard work. Well ok...if you don't want me to capitalize...then POST THE MATERIAL YOURSELVES. They have all the same stuff I do and even more, but yet they just sit on it. They hoard and supress it, and then when a few shows leak, they sit around and wonder why they get converted to lossy format and why they continue to multiply in that format. If they put it all on DIME and kept it there, there wouldn't be as much dilution. What they are doing is actually contributing to THE PROBLEM. I figured this out a long time ago, but yet they refuse to follow my lead and would rather fight against me. Fools....

My next post will explain how exactly my "issues" with RL began. So if you guys want to hear a good story, come back tomorrow.