Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yes...why do I attract all these idiots???

Here's another good conversation I had this evening.

I want it to be known that I'm not a very politically-correct person. I feel that America has become an oversensitive place where people or more worried about feelings and not offending people than being correct, truthful, or just easy-going.

For example, I'm well aware Phil Lynott is half-white, half-black. However, in the course of many casual conversations I have with people, especially ones not that familiar with Lynott or Lizzy, I might say something like 'Lynott was a black-irishman', or 'Lynott was one of the few successful black rock stars', or something like that. By saying this, I'm not denying his half-whiteness, I'm just choosing to accentuate his "blackness", because it makes him more unique. It's technically not dishonest, at least in my mind, because I've always considered a person black if they are 25%, 50%, or 100% black. I don't mean it like I'm a racist. I have black friends, and they've told me they don't mind being called 'black' as opposed to African-American. Some even prefer it. Even the technically bi-racial ones don't mind. I also do it because it's just simple, easy, and to be honest, no one really gives a fuck anyway. But of course, there's always one or two pedantic assholes that want to make a big deal out of something like that. In my mind, making a big deal about someone's race is just pointless anyway, and it's probably half the reason we still have racial problems today, because people just care too much about pointless bullshit such as skin color and being overly PC about it. I like Phil Lynott because what he wrote and sang about, not because of what color he is.

Anyway here is the conversation. Any thoughts about this would be appreciated.

OBAMAisHalfCaste (2 hours ago)
blacksabfan Phil was ~Half Caste~ NOT Black you oviously have never irelands one cultural society..Biracial and Black is different..All biracials are White people with a little more melanin and Tanned skin.Thers white people who go 2 shades darker than phil and Obama when they in hot sunny countries like Spain Africa and Brazil..And heres another suprize (Bob Marley) wasnt black either he was ~Half White~

blacksabfan (1 hour ago)
If someone is visibly black, I call them black. I'm not one to be technical about it. I'm not really into the PC technicalities. I don't care if it's 25%, 50% or 100%. There is nothing factually incorrect about saying Phil Lynott was black. He was. I never said he was 100% black. To be honest I don't even care, I just know he is one of my favorite musicians.

OBAMAisHalfCaste (49 minutes ago)
Well then you are very Dumb and Dull .You cant just labelle peoples ethnicity just because you want them to be something that they are not and never will be.. Phil was White to he was just as much White as he was Black . He belongs to both race groups

blacksabfan (31 minutes ago)
Black and Half-Caste isn't ethnicity. That's race. Ethnicity is Irish, German etc. I mean if you're going to call me dumb and then make a gross error like that, you probably should just stop talking. My point is that in popular culture, if you're part black, you get called black. Right or wrong, that's how it goes. I think everyone that is a fan of Phil Lynott is aware he's not completely black. It's not insulting the man...Phil called himself black. It's an observation that's simplified. If it makes you feel better, if I was writing a term paper on the subject, I would make his racial origin very clear, but in casual conversation I'm going to call him a black irishman. Comphrende?

OBAMAisHalfCaste (18 minutes ago)
Well then you would just be hypocrting yourself writing his real racial background down but then speaking a Lie to ..What is that its nonsence..Listen dude .Phil was Biracial not Black as you already know so give him respect and other biracials respect by calling them that.How would you feel if someone called you Yellow or purple when your not No you are wrong im not here to insult but to bring the truth of god to your eyes..In Africa he is White i have been there and all Biracials are lebeled as White its wrong..And yes most labele them as Black to.But why follow there stupidity and lower yourselfs to there dumbness

blacksabfan (13 minutes ago)
First off, I wouldn't give a shit if someone called me yellow or purple or whatever. I'm more concerned about my accomplishments, which is why I feel stupid arguing about this. Lynott's accomplishments are being belittled because of your hellbent obsession with proving that he's biracial, something that I've never once denied. Secondly, you keep combining race and ethnicity as if they are interchangable. They are not.
Do not comment anymore or you will be banned. End of discussion.

The fucker then chose to comment on my channel, and I chose to comment back on his, saying that his obsession seemed a bit unhealthy, and that perhaps he could be doing something more important with his life than worrying about whether or not someone is correctly classifying a person's race. Of course, he deleted my comments on his channel, because they might be seen by a person with a brain and they might use some common sense in determining that this guy is a little psychotic. I also made the point that people might take him more seriously if he typed comments without 50 typing errors in them...but what the hell do I know?

His biggest mistake however is that he chooses to use race and ethnicity as if they are interchangible terms. They are not. Race is black, white, hispanic, pacific islander, native american...etc. To be very un-PC about this...race is your color. Ethnicity, on the other hand, has to do with sharing traits through a common heritage. Irish, German, Czech, English, Scottish would be mine. Jews are an ethnic group. Ethnic groups share traits, be it linguistic, cultural, behavioral, religious, etc, and race is just one factor in that. Race can be a common trait within an ethnic group, but it in itself is NOT ethnicity. Phil Lynott was half-black and that is his race, but his ethnicity is wholly Irish. Even though Phil's dad was from British Guyana, I would claim that Phil shares none of ethnic traits associated with Guyana (whatever they are). I really don't see how that can be debated. Likewise there's a lot of white people in South Africa who are in fact African, but they sure as hell aren't black. So they aren't the same.

Basicially I know me going around calling Phil Lynott black is not as accurate as saying he's biracial, and maybe I'm technically wrong, but I'm also saying that I don't really give a fuck and that I understand the truth and just don't see a need to get overly technical about it. I certainly don't feel like calling him black is insulting. (Besides, I can't call him African-American, he's neither from Africa or America). Phil called himself black. Black Boys on the Corner? I'll be damned if he wasn't writing about himself as a kid. Phil knew he was biracial, but had no problem being called black. I view it the same way.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another YouTube Idiot...

Hey everyone.

I had an interesting conversation today with a gentleman known as Ziggyztarz. It was on the audio clip of "Stop Messing Around" featuring Gary Moore and Phil Lynott trading off vocals. It can be found here:

Lynott fans will be amused by what is said in the comments section. If you don't want to bother, then I've taken the liberty to copy them here for your amusement. There's a few points I want to be clear about first.

First off, this guy claims to have known Phil Lynott in the early 1970s. Prior to this conversation he had talked about knowing him in Germany and that he somehow "didn't get what was promised to him" or something to that effect. He also went on about "nazi uniforms"...not sure what that was about, but basically I think this guy has a few issues. Lynott probably did have the misfortune of running into this man in Germany in the early 70s and probably realized that he was off his rocker (no pun intended!) and wanted nothing to do with him. That's just my theory. Here's the conversation below:

Ziggyztarz (6 hours ago)
I don't hear Phil singing, are you sure he was with Gary at this concert?

Phil usually sang.......

The Photo is from 'Out in the Fields', ('85) just before Phil died.

What? You don't hear Phil singing?? He sings the whole second half of the song! Not to mention that Gary Moore at the very end says "Phil Lynott...Thank You...Goodnight". Obviously he didn't bother to listen to that part. I hadn't realized this right away, or else I'd have mentioned it sooner, but I thought it was just so blatantly obvious that Lynott was singing that this really wasn't needed...

blacksabfan (5 hours ago)

Yes, Phil sings the whole second part of the song. 2:12-2:33 is Phil.

And yeah, I know the pic is from "Out In the Fields". I took it from a stillframe of the video right from here on YouTube.

Ziggyztarz (5 hours ago)
Sorry, but you are wrong that isn't Phil singing it's Gary. Phil was close to me, I know his voice, this isn't!

Again, why do people think that just because they knew someone, that this makes them more correct?Phil Lynott was there. He sang on that song. Gary Moore thanks him and the audience at the end. It's on the Emerald Islevideo and it's public record. Belfast 1984. It happened, and my ears confirm it. Other people have already commented that they actually SAW it. You're just fucking wrong. I really don't get it.

blacksabfan (4 hours ago)
It's on "The Man and His Music" 7 disc bootleg set. It's definitely Phil in the second part. I've heard enough of Gary Moore and Phil Lynott to tell the difference between the two.

I think you really need to lay off the drugs...I mean this isn't the first post you've made that I've had to go "WTF?!" at.

Maybe the drug thing was underhanded...but c'mon, can you blame me? If you had seen some of the other things this guy has said you'd understand...

Ziggyztarz (1 hour ago)
If you continue to claim to be some kind of 'expert' and also claim the tracks as yours, I am going to FLAG your site. I don't use 'Drugs' your insult is the last straw!

Phil was a friend of mine, it is NOT his voice!

Never once have I claimed the tracks as mine, at least in the sense that "I own them". Yes, I have copies of them and that's what I'm referring to when I speak about them possessively. I didn't write the songs or perform them obviously. I haven't 'poached' other's videos (unlike certain other people). Likewise, I've never claimed to be an expert. I feel that I'm certainly knowledgable, but I don't feel I'm some supreme expert. However, I am sure on this specific point, and there should be ZERO debate about it.

Secondly, how does one 'flag' an entire site? Good luck with that. Not that I'm worried about it, but if I ever get shut down, I'll just get a new account and the songs will go right back up. And then I'll find the person(s) responsible and villianize them to the point where they won't be able to come on YouTube and hear about how much of a douchebag they are. Sure, I've made a few enemies here and there, but I think there's way more people that appreciate what I've done than there are detractors. I'm not going to pretend to like someone if I don't. It's dishonest. And yes, I can really be a jerk sometimes, but I honestly think certain people need that...sometimes being nice to them and trying to explain it rationally just doesn't come across to them. Basically, sometimes people need a kick in the ass. I have no problem doing that, and I'm not too concerned with how others feel about it.

blacksabfan (1 hour ago)
I don't know why you're being so hostile, but go ahead. Flag me for what? Because I disagree with your assessment? I don't know if you knew Phil Lynott or not, but regardless you are WRONG. Just because you supposedly knew Lynott doesn't mean you are automatically correct. For the record this was recorded in Belfast in 1984. It's quite verifiable. I suggest you go do a bit of research before you suggest I am wrong.

So please go ahead. I'm really not that concerned. 

And for the record, I've never said I was an expert. However, you don't need to be a master chef to know that a turd sandwich tastes like shit. Catch my drift??

Take the last line to heart guys. It works wonders on those people that THINK they know everything, but in reality know nothing.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Help with lyrics for rare Lynott tracks.

Hi everyone. Sorry for the extended absence. I've been working like a mad man.

Lately, I've been getting several requests for lyrics to some of the rare Lynott/Grand Slam/Lizzy songs. Obviously I can't just look them up online and post them, because they haven't been posted by anyone else. So, I've painstakingly tried to transcribe some of them myself...which has led to mixed results.

Here's where you come in. I'm requesting help to transcribe any songs that I've posted related to Lizzy and Lynott. This also goes for any Sabbath fans who would like to transcribe any of the alternate versions of Paranoid and MoR tracks that I've posted. It's more beneficial to have several sets of ears than it is just one. People hear differently and I think it's a good way to get involved. If anyone is willing to help me out, I'd be more than happy to pass along some stuff from my collection.

If you decide to transcribe a song, just go ahead and comment on it and you can either post your work there in the comments section, pm it to me at YouTube, or email it to me at Even if you can only get a few lines of a song...anything is helpful.

For example, one tough song I've been having trouble with is "She Cries" by Grand Slam. The quality isn't the greatest and I can't make out significant portions. Another user gave his input and while some of it I think it is correct, there's other parts that I totally disagree with, and that emphasizes the importance of having several people listen to it. I'd like to be able to get a lot of these songs transcribed correctly (or as best as possible) so they can be posted on lyric sites.

The "Real Canadian" James Taylor ( also has attempted to post lyrics to some of the rarer tracks (notably Revolution, Catholic Charm, and Don't Let Him Slip Away). I, however, do not hear the same things he heard when he created his transcription of the lyrics. I could go into this in detail but it's not important. If you're truly interested, compare my transcription of Don't Let Him Slip Away against his transcription and check out the differences. I'm not saying he's wrong and I'm right...I very well could be wrong...but I'd like some more opinions on the subject. For the record, his page is amazing and he obviously has taken a lot of time over the years compiling all that information. If you haven't checked out his page, you should.

That's all I got for now. Should have a new post up sometime this week.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anyone interested in Lizzy/Lynott needs to read this.

I got some nice comments from this user named nothinbutblue, so I decided to check out his/her page. I'm not going to give it away, but you really need to go see it for yourselves. There's 3 damn good things posted on it, and anyone that likes my stuff needs to check this user and give him/her massive praise.

As for the few of you that have already seen it...WHY DIDN'T YOU GUYS LET ME KNOW???!!!

Remember to thank them too. Hopefully they don't get put through the same hell I was...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Idiot #3. I said I'd have 5 before the year was over...

I thought I'd share this funny exchange with you all. It was posted here:

It starts out innocently enough with a guy giving a simple but perfectly reasonable opinion.
zzellner9 (3 days ago)

its good but id say megolomania,sabbath bloody sabbath,thrill of it all,and under the sun have to be some of their all time best
Fair enough right? Then of course an asshole shows up. There's many different kinds of assholes that post stupid shit in the comments of my videos. Usually I complain about the types that are about 14 years old and don't know jackshit about anything, but this is the polar opposite of that. The guy I'm talking about is the 40 some year old Ozzy-sabbath only fan that thinks he knows everything, and that anyone younger than him knows absolutely nothing. Of course he makes no distinctions...if you're younger, you're automatically an idiot. See where I'm going with this...I'm sure all of you have had to deal with someone like this at some point in your lives. Anyway, our douchebag idiot friend shows up and responds to zzellner9.
cholulasaucehot (18 hours ago)
nah......sabbath's best ? best ever ? let me think kid...i'll shoot from the hipi'll list sabbath's best songs ever (not in order) here we gowheels of confusion/the straightenerhand of doomwarning/behind the wall of sleep/n.i.bkilling yourself to livefairies wear bootsafter foreverthe writunder the sun----megolomania ? lol not even close, bloody sabbath a classic, but sabatoge was weak and the writ is all thats worthy !
This is what irriatates me. It's not the fact he has a differing opinion. It's his haughty know-it-all attitude. Calling people "kid", and trying to act like he's some epic all-knowing Sabbath badass by saying he's going to "shoot from the hip" and name a whopping 10 songs that are automatically the greatest, and fuck what anyone else says. He makes it sound like fucking Iommi himself decreed that those songs are best and he's right and everyone else is just a stupid punk kid. That's what I hate. It's that attitude. Important's not always the opinion you have about something, it's how you deliver it. I can deliver my opinions in a very civil manner, or I can be the biggest dick in the world. Word choice and tone is really the only difference. So here's how I responded to the douche. I think it was fair.
blacksabfan (16 hours ago)

You make it sound like there is some definitive list of Sabbath's best songs that is 100% fact. Ha. I think Megalomania is one of their best songs, and I know a few other people who think like I do. I also don't think Fairies Wear Boots belongs in any Sabbath top ten. I don't think Warning belongs in a top ten either. It's not even an original...I wouldn't normally give a shit about this, but you calling people "kid" and talking like you're some expert makes you look like a douche.

I got a little harsh at the end, but I'm opinionated. You don't call anyone kid unless they mouth off or say something stupid. That's the only time I've ever used it.

Of course the douchebag responds. This time I'm going to receive his wrath.
cholulasaucehot (15 hours ago)

warning isnt an original ?drop your nut sack kidthen talk to mewarning is argueably the best fuckin song off the "original" BLACK SABBATH/BLACK SABBATHdont put your lack of knowledge against my sabbath wisdom....douchebet you don't even know what half the songs are abouthow could you ? you dont know wether your ass is punched or bored so shut your face kiddo
Wow. Now he's not only acting like an idiot. He's proving that he is one. "Warning" is a cover. Most Sabbath fans know this. I'm not even sure what he's going for in the last line, but it's sort of hilarious. I also like how he made a list and said Warning was one of their greatest songs...but then throws in the word "argueably". Dipshit, if something is arguable, then that means it can be debated. It's not automatic fact. One minute he is spouting off something like it's concrete fact and the next it's arguable. What a fucking tool. I guess it's on now...

Oh, and I should mention...this guy subscribed to my channel 5 hrs before his comment. Obviously he liked my I'm not really sure why he's trying to pick a fight with me. I also don't understand why he thinks I'm an idiot, when I've posted 150+ Sabbath audios and seem to know at least a little bit about you'd have to think I might know just a little bit about Sabbath...just a little...

See why I get pissed off?...there's nothing in anything he's saying or doing that remotely makes any logical sense.
blacksabfan (12 hours ago)

You shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you...ever hear that quote?

Since you're obviously an idiot, let me enlighten you. "Warning" was first written and performed by Aynsley Dunbar's 'Retaliation'. It is a COVER. Go look it up if you want. I already did. Way to make a complete ass of yourself...

Oh, and after my nuts drop, do you want to suck on them for me? That would be fantastic. Thanks. Can't wait for your next message. I'm sure you'll further enlighten us all...

cholulasaucehot (1 hour ago)

i dont give a shit if it isa cover...its off their first album 20 years before you were born...furthermore its still better than whatever i said it was better than in my previous postsabbath got worse as they went along not betterbut you and the other dopey kids in here feel just the opposite...fuck sabatoge it just cant compare to the earlier stuff periodthats an opinion the majority would hold without doubt ps. fuck you man

i'm fuckin 17 years older than you punkjust because you read a little fine print inside an album cover....(i mean dvd sleave, your to young to have ever enjoyed albums) you think you know somethingyou know 1985 when you were born i was a junior in high school and had already been listening to sabbath for 5 years (7th grade) by the time you picked up a sabbath tape in say the year 2000 i was 32 years old and listening to my wife yell, your a punk kid is all
Well I like how he sidestepped the whole '"Warning" isn't a cover' issue. And as usual, the douchebag 40+ year old Ozzy Sabbath fan retorts to spouting off about his age. As if that somehow makes you superior. Just like owning LPs somehow makes you superior. Last time I checked age was a number and it had nothing to do with how smart a person is.
blacksabfan (10 minutes ago)

I know lots of idiots who are older than me, I also know a few people younger than me who are smarter than I was when I was their age...what the fuck is your point exactly? I don't need to hear your life story. I don't give a fuck what supposed credentials you THINK you have that makes you an 'expert'. You're not. You got owned. I never even said Sabotage as a whole was better than any of their earlier albums. Just the one song. Reading comprehension really isn't your thing though I guess.

Nevermind that you actually subscribed to my channel, presumably because you like what I post, but then turn around and talk shit to me like I don't have a clue about anything. That will definitely bring out my good side...dolt. Yeah, I only posted all this stuff and I don't know ANYTHING about it. Nevermind that this issue started because of a difference of PERSONAL OPINION. Then you mouthed off and blew it out of porportion.That's what douches like yourself do though. Enjoy the ban asshole.
Last night, I also personally sent him a PM congratulating him on being the fastest person to subscribe and then be forcibly unsubscribed by me. He's also the first person to receive a lifetime ban. Usually the people I ban get about a year tops and I delete the list and start over. Hey, I'm a forgiving guy. I hope that idiots reflect on their actions and come back a year later as smarter people...especially since most of them are young anyway. Too bad this idiot isn't young. He's a 41 year old that acts like he's 5, so he will get no sympathy from me. All he gets is to be one of my 5 nominees for idiot of the year. I think he's in the lead right now...although 'expiredgoose' is still a possible winner too... maybe someone else will step up and prove that this isn't the dumbest person I've ever had the misfortune of talking to.

Monday, August 17, 2009

6 more songs for you Lynott diehards.

Hi again everyone.

Here's another link with 6 more rare Lynott tracks from the 1984-1985 period. The only difference between these and the other links is that these tracks are in .mp3 @ 256kbps. For these tracks it's the best available quality that I personally have. If anyone has something better, I'd be more than happy to hear from you...or better yet, post it on a torrent or something and let everyone enjoy them.

The tracks are:
No More (w/Steve Johnson)
Revolution (w/Steve Johnson)
Guiding Light
What's the Matter Baby (w/Junior Giscombe)
Catholic Charm

This brings me to my second point. I've been contacted by a few people about some of the shows I requested in an earlier post, a few of which were posted within the last two years on places like DIME and TTD. I've never been a big trader mostly do to the time and prep work it takes to work out a trade-with addition to having a couple bad experiences along the way. Besides that, I've always never been truly possessive over the music that is in my collection. It's just that--music. I've never understood why people boast huge collections and then never share any of it (or only share when something amazing appears.) I'd just like to make an appeal to people:

Share your stuff.

I know for a fact my collection could of been a lot bigger had I decided to trade shows to a select few, rather than share them over the net with everyone. I decided against this a long time ago, and that I would much rather allow people to hear it for free (truly for free) than to boast an insane collection, only to be despised and accused of being in it for some kind of ego-driven purpose. I've been accused of having one anyway with the whole YouTube page and my sometimes heavy-handed way of dealing with people, but I like to think of myself as quite humble, at least in person and to those I truly care about.

I'm not out of stuff to post. I have plenty of Sabbath material, some Lizzy interviews, a few tracks here and there...but someday I'm sure I will be. I know I've made enemies in the trading world with how I've gone about things. I don't care though, I'm 100% convinced I've done the right thing, although because of it, I know I'm sort of blacklisted from some people's trading pools. Also, I don't intend on posting 74 versions of the "Boys are Back In Town" or "Paranoid" just to stay relevant on YouTube. Once I feel I've exhaused my collection...that's it. I'll have done my part. I guess I'm hoping that a few other people out there (and some have) step up and continue to post, or some new people start posting gems from their collections. It's not about entitlement or trying to get something for free. I truly believe its the right thing to do. I might have rare tracks in my collection, but I certainly don't feel that I 'own' them, or that I'm more entitled to them than anyone else, hence the reason I share everything I get my hands on in the first place. I just happen to be lucky to have them.

I make this request now because it's the anniversary of what would of been Mr. Philip Lynott's 60th birthday on Thursday. I would love to see people who have shows, even if they might be fairly common or not long absent from the torrent trackers on DIME, TTD, TapeCity, etc. to make an appearance come Wed-Fri. I mean what better occasion is there? What is there to wait for? Rapture? Remember, you can't take it with you.

I myself will let the cat out of the bag now and say that I am uploading a show on TTD. I don't want to say which one, but it's a good one. I've had it almost a year now and have been careful not to post anything from it, just for this occasion. However, if things don't change, it might be the last Lizzy/Lynott related thing I offer on any torrent tracker. I know there's people out there with shows and while there's a few that have done so much already...there's other people that can do so much more.

"Now the time has come to use our's the time to let it all go..."


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Thunder & Lightning Demos

Here's another link.

This is the complete set of Thunder and Lightning Demos. 12 tracks. Includes two versions of Baby Please Don't Go, and as requested by many people, the two versions of "Don't Let Him/It Slip Away". There's also a demo of "Cold Sweat" with different lyrics, a demo of "Holy War" with different lyrics, and a few others. This is also in .flac, so again, if you want to convert it, please do it for your own personal use.

Thanks and enjoy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Links to rare Lynott tracks.

Hi all.

Phil Lynott's 60th Birthday is coming up next week, and to get the party started off right, I plan on posting a few links around on some of the places I frequent on the net. That includes my blog.

A few people have requested copies of these so I'll make them available here. They are in FLAC however, so if you want to convert them to .mp3, you'll have to do it yourself. There's a lot of ways to do this, so if you don't know how, consult Google. All I ask is that they don't get reposted in .mp3 format. I'll be posting these links (including some others I haven't made yet) on various websites, but if you know of a friend who doesn't frequent those websites or if you want to post them on your own blogs, that's totally fine with me.

Without further ado...

Freedom Comes, Hard Times, and Partner In Crime

He Fell Like A Soldier and Time (and Again)

I should have more links this weekend and into next week. I also have a brand new torrent planned for upload on TheTradersDen. Stay tuned.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Just checking in...

Hi everyone,

I know it's been awhile, but I've just returned from Wisconsin and now I'm back in Ohio. Once I get everything returned to how it was before I left, I should be ready to post some more stuff on YouTube. There is only one more big project left to get out of the way, which I will explain below.

Right now, I am putting together a master list of all the shows I've collected. This includes all the lossless Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy shows in my collection. This will also include shows from other artists that I've collected bits and pieces of; for example, I have all of Led Zeppelin's shows from 1979 and 1980, tons of UFO from 1975-1983, many shows by The Who, a few Dio shows, a few Ozzy shows with Randy Rhoads, some early shows by The Cars, a little Metallica and Megadeth, and a few other odds and ends. As I make the list, the shows will be put onto discs, and once and for all, I can be caught up. It will also come in handy should I decide to resume actively trading. Right now I'm not because I don't have time, but when it gets to be September/October, I should be ready to trade with a few people.

If you're interested, let me know by leaving me a message at YouTube, or you can email me personally at Keep in mind it won't be right away, and I can't meet every trade request, and I also might not be interested in certain things. When my master list is finished, anyone who wants a copy just needs to ask and I'll email it out.

One more thing...I'm looking for a couple shows that I used to have but have lost since I transitioned to a new computer. If anyone has them, I would be interested in acquiring them. Keep in mind that I'm looking for them in lossless quality (.wav/.flac/.shn). The shows are:

Thin Lizzy 1983-03-19 Glasgow, Scotland (full audience recording -lost it)
Thin Lizzy 1983-05-19 Tokyo, Japan (only have this in .mp3)
Black Sabbath 1980-11-21 "The Last Sacrament"
Black Sabbath 1989-11-25 (both the afternoon and night shows, only have in .mp3)
Grand Slam 1984-10-27 Wishaw, Scotland (full audience recording - lost it)

This is it. I know a few of you out there have these shows...a couple of which you probably received the same time I did because they were on DIME and I just must have deleted them. I have some stuff I can trade for them...stuff I haven't posted and am just sitting on, so any reasonable trades will be considered.

Have a good one everyone.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

AXLVFLYER/ZODIAKFV needs to get a fucking clue.

Hi Everyone.

Today I decided to log into my YouTube account and found a cute little message left by my friend AXLVFLYER to a response I made on one of his posts. For those of you who don't know him, he posts various rock videos and songs, a lot like I do, but also more videos. A lot of his material falls into the same category as mine: bootlegged ROIOs and DVDs. This stuff is acceptable to posts and its why him and I have remained in good standing with the powers-to-be at YouTube.

I will say this though. We don't like each other.

AXLVFLYER is an uninformed noob. He has at least 3 different channels he operates under different, but similar names. He has thousands of videos total...making my channel small in comparison. He has a lot of great footage, but he ticks me off for two big reasons.

1) Many of his videos are things someone else had already posted
2) Several of his videos give incorrect/misleading information

Now I normally wouldn't give a shit if a person resposted something I posted. I just don't. Other people came to me first and mentioned him and how he had taken videos from other people and reposted them in his channel. I didn't want to get involved...that's between them and AXL. That didn't stop me from checking out AXL/ZODIAFKV's channel though (he has two main ones). Right off the bat I noticed he had posted some Lizzy from the Peel Sessions discs which he had titled as "alternate studio tracks". That's obviously not true. The Peel Sessions discs are pretty well-known in the Lizzy trading community. Additionally, he posted many of the same tracks I had posted at least a year prior. A simple YouTube search would of shown that...and wouldn't have taken more than two seconds. Reposting I can live with, but if you're gonna post something, don't try to pass it off as something it's clearly not. So I began to have a nice conversation with AXL about this. This is located here:

blacksabfan (2 months ago) Show Hide

A good track...although I liked it better when I posted it about a year ago...

AXEFLYERFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

I posted it in 2006,AXEMAN313 & MADAXEMAN13,old accounts aswell,thnx for tuning in Sab,great tracks on your page as alwasys!

blacksabfan (2 months ago) Show Hide

I remember the second of those accounts. There's absolutely no way it was up when I posted it, or I wouldn't of posted it again, because I don't believe in stepping on other's toes. It undermines their work, and I'm not much into doing that to others. Even it was posted back in '06 (which I doubt), if you delete your account and someone else posts it, then in my mind you're S.O.L.Besides, I've seen you've made quite a habit out of repackaging the work of others to promote your own page.

AXEFLYERFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

what the hell do you mean repacking the works of others,to promote my own page,I'm not promoting anything or copying videos of others,you gotta keep in mind that you or I don't own the rights to any of those tracks you download from certain pages,all I do is make the video to the track & share it,I don't care if somebody elses posted them or not,so what is is that is burning you up? if somebody steal(copies ) the video & posted as his I can understand,

AXEFLYERFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

which they have done it to me,I complimentedyou on your page & you come back with this ,just because you posted this track,I post what I like & you post what you like,what's wrong with that?
blacksabfan (2 months ago) Show Hide

Firstly, I didn't ask you to compliment me. Doing so and trying to make nice isn't really going to stop me from making my point.I'm just saying I'm not really getting why you double and triple post stuff, especially when someone else has already posted it. It's just sort of...pointless. I mean how many videos do you need? Look on my page and see how many doubled videos I's not many and the only reason any would be doubled is because people decided to post the same songs later.

Now, I don't have a problem when it's a few songs or certain users who only have a few videos. They like the song too and that's great. But you have two channels and 400 trillion videos, and then decide too double and triple post stuff people can already find. It's just dumb.

ZODIAKFV (2 months ago) Show Hide
so what ! is there a limit or rule to prevent me from posting as many videos as I please?come on man,I have the time to do that it has become a hobby,I don't even send videos ,don't care about reaching the "MILLION" mark of views or subs,friends,I'm not here to become popular or compete with anybody,the other channel is only for 4 bands,& this one is for all other bands I like ,is not all Thin Lizzy if that's 1 of the reasons that's bothering you,

this has been the first time in a very long time since I've seen or been to your page,I don't kerep track of what you post or have posted ever since,I came in just to make sure it was the same Blksabfan that has come to my page.I guess to "Mark your groung:,now that I would call it Dumb,bur I don't wanna drag this into unnecessary bad blood between us,for music?I don't think that's cool!

oh I didn't even read your first comment,I don' t make nice with anybody,I don't check if someone has pposted this song before I just post it & that's it,you are practically seting your own rules,why don't you complaint to youtube that & see what they tell you!if that is the case I take them down,I don't sweat it!

blacksabfan (2 months ago) Show Hide

I'm not setting any rules. I'm just saying is disrespectful to those with smaller accounts IMHO. It's not even about my posts so much. Plus, why repost something if it's not about competition? If it's out there already why bother reposting it? People will hear it just the same.Also, I call bullshit with the last thing. Three people came to me and said you reposted videos they had posted previously. That's why I came to you. But do whatever you want though. I just wanted to make it clear to you that not everyone thinks what you're doing is great.

ZODIAKFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

how the hell am I suppose to know what other people post,and 3 came to you like you're some kind of authority,don't give that about people with smaller accounts,i don't care if people think I'm doing something great or not,I just told you I post music I like & if somebody wants to watch it find if not is just the same to me,I get this through your head 'cause it seems like it's been geting bigger,

here & check who posted a video & I'm gonna post it too,I know at least 1 guy from greece 1 of your subscribers BTW,with the same bullshit complaint about a track he had posted that i had,without relizing that he had done the same,you see he didn't know,& to me by coming here it just shows how selfish you are,I post what ever I wanna post & post whatever you want,is that simple, stop being a baby!

anter881 (1 month ago) Show Hide

i am not from greece in chat with you i used a latin sentence i am from croatia.i posted song nightlife and i searched youtube for that song and it wasn't on youtube but it was and it was named "nigtlife" so i couldn't find it.check out my videos and see if they have been allready on and blasksabfan's arguments are blowing in the wind i can see rock on! keep 'em comin'! yeah whatever...

ZODIAKFV (1 month ago) Show Hide

Like I told blacksafffan,I don't care what everybody else post on their page,that is your page to post whatever you want & do whatever you want,nobody has the right to come in & tell you what to post or not,so I'm not going to go into nobody's page & check to see if somebody else has it & most definatelly blacksabbs page is one that I really don't care to see & hope I never hear from him ever!just post whatever you want,is your page !


Well that was cute. AXL can do whatever he wants. I just wanted to give my two cents, and ANTER881 was one of the guys that came to me and obviously shares my opinion. (He's a young guy and has come cool Lynott interviews on his page; check him out). I know YouTube doesn't have rules about the stuff I'm speaking about, but just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you shouldn't be respectful and considerate to others. If someone beats me to a post, then I don't post it. I've only posted a couple things that were already posted, and I had good reason to do so (both were Sabbath songs). I've been complimented by other people that posted some Lizzy stuff saying they were happy that I didn't step on their toes, and I try to be cognizant of that. Now, if AXL didn't have 6 channels with 500+ videos on each, I wouldn't care, but honestly what's his point? It's almost like he's trying to monopolize rock music and trying to put up every damn thing he can find on his channel. And people say I have a big ego...

Nothing happened for several months...until yesterday. I saw this posted on another one of AXL's videos. In fact it was one of Lizzy's Peel Sessions tracks (Jailbreak) and AXL is off trying to pass it off of something it's not. At least a few people are a little wiser to this:

666demonguitarist (2 months ago) Show Hide

This isn't studio version you goddamn retard.

ZODIAKFV (2 months ago) Show Hide

so what else is it,?do you hear a live audience you Dumbass?


I thought about inserting my two cents here, but I chose this other post instead:

gyroe182 (1 week ago) Show Hide

this track was recorded live in a BBC session. I dunno what the bootleg was called but I am sure it was a recording for the BBC.

blacksabfan (1 day ago) Show Hide

That would be correct. One of John Peel's sessions in fact. I'm not sure what the poster is talking about when he says it's a 'studio track'. It sure as hell isn't. Lack of audience does not automatically mean it's a studio track.

AXEFLYERFV (1 hour ago) Show Hide

so tell me where exactly is from? (already did, asshole) since you get everything or should I say download everything you got from Guitar101 website! (I get most stuff from DIME/Traders Den...I haven't downloaded anything from 101 in over 6 months...and a lot of my rarer stuff is directly from trading) you are such an ass,you had to come back to my page & continue to fuck with me,Do you want you page suspended for posting AUDIO TRACKS that you don't have the copyrights to? (LOL, see below) we been through this before ,I told you don't come to my page I won't go to your page! (I banned him from commenting on my page, too bad he's too stupid to do the same to me)everybody has the right to post anything they want! stop being a prick!LAST WARNING !

blacksabfan ( 31 minutes ago) Show Hide

You go ahead and try and get my page suspended. To do that you have to be the person that owns the copyrights to the tracks. I think you have plenty of material as well that YOU don't own the copyrights too, so it goes both ways. All I said was that it wasn't a studio track, and it's not. I already said where it was from. If you don't want to listen, then don't. Be ignorant. I don't give a fuck.

ZODIAKFV (8 minutes ago) Show Hide

Do you think I care about my account being suspended,youtube will only take my Lizzy tracks!(Think again, asshole) stop being an ass!don't reply anymore or both accounts will go down (mutually-assured destruction??!) ,since you don't give a fuck ,I don't either!

All I did was correct the poor bastard. Didn't mean to start a nuke-throwing game. First off, I called his bluff on the whole account-banning thing. AXL doesn't own the copyrights either, and you can only get videos banned by proving you own the copyrights. AXL doesn't own jackshit, so he's not going to be able to get my account banned. Good try though douche. Likewise, I can't get his account banned either, but I can make him look like a complete dumbass by typing about his practices in my blog...

I also like how in one breath he claims he never hardly goes on my channel, and that's his main excuse for all the double and triple posting he does. Then in this latest tirade, he claims I get all my stuff from Guitars101. How would you be able to make that assessment if you NEVER GO TO MY CHANNEL??? How about you spew some more shit from your mouth AXL that makes no sense? In fact, the 10 videos on my channel page, exactly ZERO of those were downloaded from Guitars101. Several of them have never even been available ANYWHERE the Giscombe/Lynott tracks,"Hard Times", and the version of Emerald from Tokyo.

Basically if he just learned exactly what he had in his possession, I'd be fine. I'm tired of people thinking those Peel Sessions tracks are demos/alternative studio sessions. What makes me even more mad is that he sits there and argues with me/insults me rather than just admitting his mistake and moving on. If he hates me giving my opinion of him, then he just needs to ban me (like I did to him) from commenting and move on. I'm still not sure how he thinks he's going to get YouTube to take down my account. If copyright was an issue it would of been down a long fucking time ago. Fuck him and his fucking 800 channels, and his "I don't need to respect other users" attitude. Just look around at some of the Michael Schenker material and Lizzy material he's posted and see if anyone else had posted it first...I bet 90% of it is repeated. (In fact I know, because I don't need to watch his videos...if I see one I like, I just look for the original poster and watch it from their channel).

For the record...AXL is the second nominee for "YouTube Idiot of the year'. Congrats.

Friday, May 29, 2009

I never thought I'd say this, but...

I no longer consider myself an Ozzy Osbourne fan. I never thought I'd say that, but today I learned something that I never in my wildest dreams thought would occur.

Ozzy Osbourne is suing Tony Iommi for a 50% stake in the name "Black Sabbath".

This would of made a great April Fools' story. It's not April 1 though. It's also not a joke, but rather the epitome of selfish, egotistical, foolish, pathetic greed. Ozzy is basically saying that the name should be shared equally among the original 4 members, and also says that his distinctive voice is the reason Sabbath was popular, and that their reunion saved Sabbath from the toilet (I'm paraphrasing but whatever). The copy of the documents are over at Blabbermouth, as well as the entire story.

Well, Ozzy/$'ve done it. You've completely alienated your entire fan base. The thing that really gets me is that usually I have to deal with people that think Ozzy=Sabbath, but 95% of the comments completely supported Iommi and his position. This makes me feel good. It tells me that a lot of people are quite keen to the shit the Osbourne's have pulled over the years.

Iommi has owned the sole rights to the Sabbath name since 1985. Ozzy gave away his stake in 1980. It was not big deal for him...he had his solo career and he was bigger than Sabbath. Sabbath was done for. Hell, he was even able to get the billing at Live Aid to be "Ozzie Osbourne featuring Black Sabbath". It never mattered to Ozzy when Ozzy was on top. But when Ozzy feels the pressure from his former band...he goes and does something crazy. First it was "Speak of the Devil" (responding to Live Evil), then it was the Farewell B.S. in 1992...and now this...because H&H has a top 10 album and has completed a couple of successful tours.

The biggest question that remains for me about all that if Ozzy is so concerned about getting an equal stake from the Sabbath name (despite the fact he didn't do hardly any work) then why aren't Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake getting credit for their work on those solo albums? It blows my mind. I've always given Ozzy the benefit of the doubt, because everyone knows it's that greedy bitch (the digital bitch) $haron O$bourne who is pulling the strings...whether it be erasing the work of accomplished musicians or destroying Ozzfest by fucking up other bands performances (Maiden in '05), but this is the last straw. Ozzy refuses to put a stop to this nonsense, and because of it, I can no longer support his work, nor will I buy anymore of his music (not that it's that good anymore anyway). The only reason I'm keeping any of his solo work in my personal music collection is because of guys like Randy Rhoads, Geezer, Daisley, Jake E. Lee, and all the other musicians he's shafted. Their work is the only reason I can even bear to listen to those CDs. Otherwise I would put throw them in the trash...which is right where "Black Rain" and 'Down to Earth" are going when I get back to Ohio. I don't listen to either one anyway.

Speaking of which, I know I've been a bit lazy on YouTube and on my blog. I'm in Wisconsin right now, living with my dear Grandma and taking care of her 5 acre yard and running all her errands during the day. I check in a lot online, but I don't have a lot of spare time to post anything new, and the internet here is a bit slower than the internet I have in Ohio, so it tests my patience. Besides all that, my YouTube account is screwed up; my comments and messages always show up as new, and I lose track of what I read and respond to, and what I keep until later. I have to delete it to keep it from growing, and I probably lose track of stuff. I've emailed YouTube about it but they never fix it, so...whatever. Stuff will appear sporadically and on a whim, just so you're aware.

I also found out that my clip of 'Shockwave' from Abilene has been removed from YouTube...the other songs from the same recording haven't (yet), but I'm not sure shouldn't violate copyright since it's a soundboard from the show...not from an officially released show, so I might have to fight for that one. This copyright stuff is out of control though...

Well I'm rambling...but I had to say something regarding this latest episode from the Osbourne camp. Nothing would make me happier than Iommi crushing them in court...although Ozzy has damaged his legacy beyond repair matter who wins.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm back

Hi everyone.

Sorry about any delays. I think I answered most of my important PMs on YouTube. If not, then shoot me another one.

I don't want to get in too many details, but I had a family member pass away last week and I was either out of town, or just made myself unavailable. Not that I got any complaints from anyone about my absence, but I thought I would just make that clear in case there were some that weren't brought to my attention.

I posted one new video earlier on YouTube. Another soundcheck track by Sabbath. Should be a treat for you all.

I also got curious and downloaded the disc of demos/alternate tracks from the deluxe version of Paranoid that was just released. I noticed that on "War Pigs" the vocal can still be heard at certain parts. Get a good set of headphones and put it on if you have the track. Listen to the first two or three minutes, and you can hear a low vocal. Especially when Ozzy would yell "Oh Lord Yeah!". It's there. I didn't hear it on any of the other tracks (yet), but I'm starting to think that these Instrumental versions might not necessarily be legit. Maybe some of these were concocted prior to release by removing vocals and claiming them to be something else after the fact. I don't know. If anyone has the disc, I'd like your take on this.

Here's a link for you all, requested by Diopriest:

Black Sabbath - Paris 1970 (mp3 @ 192 kbps)

If anyone has a lossless version of the above, drop me a message. I love this recording, and would love an upgrade to it.

Stay tuned this week, I should have some more posts.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New YouTube posts and delays

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the extended absence. To make a long story short, I have been preoccupied with some family issues for the last week and half and will be remain occupied with them for at least another week, if not longer. I mentioned in my previous post that I had planned for some new Sabbath material (including a 35 minute interview, as well as some more soundcheck material) to be posted soon. I will get to these as soon as I can.

I also promised some people that have messaged me that I would send them some stuff. Bear with me and I'll get to it as soon as possible.



Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Eternal Idol with Ray Gillen

I decided to play Santa today. Diopriest (who has a great channel, check him out on YT) requested that I post these to my blog. I haven't posted any links lately, so I was happy to oblige.

Here is the first link. This link is for "Version 1" of the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol Demos. These are the same as what I have posted in my YouTube channel.

Now here is the other treat...

A couple weeks ago, a guy named "Gutlit" on DIME ( posted some choice selections from his collection. He posted another version of the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol Demos. This version is the best that I've ever heard. It's different than the first version in that the songs have ALL the guitar solos, whereas the other version doesn't, but these sound so crisp. They are supposedly from the master tape and it certainly sounds that way. They almost sound like a finished product, and they are arguably better than the actual album. It's a bold claim, but damn these sound amazing. Here's the link for those:

These are posted as .flac files. If you convert them to .mp3, make sure you do so ONLY for your own personal use. Don't repost any .mp3 copies of these to any websites. Anyone is more than welcome to post the .flac files though, or repost these links. If you're looking for a good way to convert .flac to .wav to burn to CD...try dBpoweramp. It's fantastic. It's also free.

I wanted to do something funny for April Fools Day, but I'm worried if I post a video claiming to have a rare song, and I instead show Rick Astley singing "Never gonna give you up", I'd probably upset a lot of people. Instead, I'm going to post another rare Lynott track, and NOT play a joke on everyone. I also want to make another Sabbath post or two sometime this weekend. No promises, but I'll do my best.

All the best everyone.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yay for funny hate mail!

Hey everyone!

Lately this blog has taken on a negative tone. When I started this blog, it was NOT my goal to bore you all with my trivial issues and confrontations with morons. I'm going to change it up a bit starting now.

I received this PM over at YouTube today. It greatly amused me.

rocklegendthinlizzy - Mad Mike and your blog


I've read your blog entry regarding Rock Legend where you quote from the Trust forum. The guy in question is MichaelM aka Madmike aka MentalM. The guy is nuts an absolute headcase, well known in Lizzy circles and banned from every Thin Lizzy site there's ever been. Holding that idiot up as some kind of example was the best thing I've read in a long time. I guess you were trying yet again to provoke a reaction but I guess we were to busy laughing. With that rant you shot yourself right in the foot and lumped yourself in with probably thee most ridiculous character ever, nice work ;-)

Anyway if you want to touch base with him then do a Google on MichaelM his blog page comes up tops. I'm sure you'll get along fine I can take the shit you write because that's exactly what it is, shit. False accusations are whole different bag though and that pisses me off so I guess you got your reaction and a couple of minutes of my time which is what you appear to crave. You've been left well alone for the simple reason that you're not worth the trouble and it's my intention to keep it that way. I'm a patient man and will explore all avenues to try to understand what peoples issues are, I thought after the last time we'd reached an understanding obviously I was wrong. Thankfully this time your lack of judgement has come home to roost and the jokes on you.

adios nick

Well wasn't that poignant? RL must be bored so they've decided to throw a couple jabs again to see if I'm willing to engage them once again. Hell, why not. Nothing like a good feud to get people to pick sides. Thanks Nick [Sharp]. I didn't ask for a response from you, just from Michael M, which by the way, I've already talked to. I'm not sure what makes him so mental, as he came across well to me, both via email and in his message at the Trust. I would say he came across "logically", logic being something you're not really into.

BTW, I didn't know you were the official spokesperson/propaganda minister for RockLegend, Nick. Read up on Joseph Goebbels, he would make a good role-model for you. Hell, Phil Osborne can be Hitler and Frank Healy can be Heinrich Himmler. How's that sound? Did I miss anyone? Let me know, and I can assign roles to anyone else that wants one. I'm sure I can think of about 10-15 high ranking Nazis off the top of my head, being a history buff and all, that would fit perfectly for any one interested over at RL. I shouldn't need to know anymore than that, because really there's only about that many in your cult anyway.

Well, I guess the game IS afoot...

"Johnny comes marching home again...hurrah...hurrah..."

Just a line from a new favorite song of mine...

Oh, and for Diopriest...I'll get links to BOTH sets of Ray Gillen demos up here by Wednesday of next week at the latest. Possibly sooner.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interesting discussion for Lizzy/Lynott fans

EDIT: I deleted the entire discussion. I've just decided I'm not going to put up with anything like this anymore. I'm starting to think I was a little hasty with my judgment anyway; that the people I initially thought were responsible for this actually aren't and that IT IS in fact RL back up to their old tactics. You'd think they learn...

Well, I guess if they want to continue their hate-campaign against me and other people who don't subscribe to their brand of Lizzy-fascism, then I guess the game is afoot.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Pat's!

Don't drink too much...

Be sure to check out the new Lizzy-related video on my YouTube channel.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Oh RockLegend...what are you doing...

I hadn't made my way over to RockLegend ( in awhile, but today I was winding down after work and wanted to check out their news page. I was aware of their stance on "Still Dangerous", which is one I actually agree with. I suspect that they have taken some flack for it based on what I saw on a cached page that once appeared on the forums at Roisin Dubh Trust. I don't even have an account at the Trust, and to be honest, I try to avoid forums because it seems like I get too sucked into them and the "politics" that seem to surround them. Very rarely have I encountered any type of forum where there wasn't some sort of bias or favoritism contained within. Keep in mind that I don't have anything against forums or people that use them, but I have trouble "towing the party line" because I have in my head a set of standards that I follow regardless of what's popular. Eventually something I think is right contradicts these "politics" that run a particular forum, and that leads to problems.

The post at The Trust is made by a guy I don't even know. If he sees this, I would like him to come forward and introduce himself via email or at YouTube. Maybe he has and I just haven't put two and two together. I get messages all the time, and I try and keep up but sometimes I read one, meaning full well to get back to it later and sometimes I just don't. So if this happened, I'm sorry. It wasn't intentional.

I just copied parts of two of the posts. The thread no longer exists. Obviously there was some other points of contention that aren't really revelent to the subject at hand, and I removed those. I left in the parts about "Still Dangerous" and my other main point, which I will make in a minute.

Youknowwho Junior Member
Posts: 9Joined: Nov 2007 Reputation:
RE: Rock legend forum boycott

"I was just pointing out your shortcomings,and Your lack of judgement by cottling RL. Blacksabfan on youtube has done more for Lizzy getting the word out than the pirate crue at The Masonic Temple of RL. You should have took my advice.. "They make good points"??? The point is they have no say or everwill regarding releases;just there own bootlegs..And you know they'll always complain no matter what.You are responsible for endorsing a boycott of the new release.You live with it!So long Che', good day.............MichaelM"

and this one...

"I KNOW myself and at LEAST 6 other people have been turned on an open flame at RL ...I believe you were one once.But I'm not bitter about that;it's just the fact that their "Debate" is by invitation only. You have to have more than one view to have a debate..They had to put out a news flash to get the word out. Leave the door open I say, You do..Thank you Roddie.I respect that. There was no debate here, any outsiders/non RL and NEW people(most importantly) are just seeing negative with the "News" To me the only "News" is that it's being released."

I smiled a little bit when I read this. Not so much because I got name-dropped, but because that there are finally people catching on to what I've been saying for 6 months now. This should further prove my's the entrance page to the forums at Rock Legend:

"The Rock Legend Forum is a meeting place for people with a passion for the life and music of Philip Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy

It is a friendly and good-humoured International Community

Now in our seventh year we have inevitably attracted malcontents who would like you to believe otherwise
[I'd be a malcontent...]

Our biggest critics are those whose behaviour has been intolerable
[Go back to my early January posts and read my experience with RL, and then you make the decision about whose behavior is intolerable.]

We ask that you do not deliberately agitate and that you avoid personal attacks
[I still LOL at this, considering RL's main gang has not only personally attacked me on their own site, but have come to Guitars101, DIME, and YouTube, and attacked me there, because I use the same name everywhere and refuse to use aliases...unlike some of them.]

Automated registration via the forum is no longer available. To register please email with a modicum of information about yourself and a desired username. We will set up your account and email you a password. Registration is entirely manual so please do not expect an instant response.

Disclaimer: The Forum is a place for individuals to express their views. Any views expressed are solely those of the the individuals who post them and do not necessarily reflect those of the domain name owners or administrators of the web site Thin Lizzy - A Rock Legend

So this is what it has come to? RockLegend's entry now comes by invite only. The guy at the Trust had it right. How the hell can you have a discussion worth a damn if you can only have one viewpoint? I suppose "malcontents" are people that disagree with trivial matters and say the "wrong" things. Or in my case, you post a song or two they don't want posted, despite the fact they don't own them, and get bitched at for weeks on end until I had enough sense to just leave.

I'm not like this. Yes, I do ban people and argue with people. I've removed comments before. Do I play favorites...perhaps...I know I'm hard on a lot of anti-Dio/pro-Ozzy fans, but that's only because I'm trying to right 25+ years of misconception and inaccuracy. But do I go as far as to pre-judge people before they even subscribe to my YouTube account? Hell no. Do I request a person's life story to be able to view my videos? Of course not. Have I banned a person simply because they disagreed. No. I've only barred people that pick fights, type run-on sentences, and senselessly argue with me. RockLegend is trying to spin it so it appears that they've had to do it this way because of malcontents....because of people like me...and like some others I know. That's horseshit. They are doing it because they want complete control of who gets into their "debate". I remember telling some of the RLers that they ran the place like a dictatorship (and I probably called them nazis) and it was comments like these that got me booted out. Well, it sure as hell doesn't look like a democracy...even more so now.

I don't know if RL actually wanted people to boycott "Still Dangerous". I'm not going to really get into that. I went out and bought it, despite knowing its "problems". It's not a bad album at all; just not one that I had expected or hoped for, and I hope next time around, these issues will be considered (and I have a feeling they will be.)

I guess my only wish is that RL would step back and start blaming themselves for their issues instead of pointing fingers at anyone that has even had a qualm with them. The way they have treated people in the past is what has forced them to become isolated. They claim that they are independent and critical and that's why they are unpopular. No it's not. I'll just say it plain: You're unpopular because you treat people like shit. I'm very independent and critical too, and I haven't had to go to the same extremes. It's amazing how far a little niceness and generousity can go.

I'm sure I'll get a few emails from some for this rant. I don't really give a shit.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, looks like I found the first nominee for the 2009 "FAIL" awards...

I had a funny thought no more than 30 seconds ago. I was thinking that throughout the year, I should keep tabs on all the stupid people that attempt to argue with me on my own videos, pick the stupidest five people, and have a poll at the end of the year on the winner, voted on by the people here. I don't know what prize this lucky person would win, but I can figure that out later. I might need more than 6 people to participate too, but I'm sure readers would be interested to give me their two cents without singing up.

The first nominee for this dubious contest goes to the YouTube user: "expiredgoose".

This is the video his poignant comments appear on:

Even more amazingly, some other idiot also commented on this video two months ago, calling me stupid because he thought I was claiming that it was Rob Halford singing. Obviously he couldn't make the distinction between HALFORD and HARTFORD...which is the location of the concert. Then he plays it off later, as if it was I who made the error. Dumbass. I would of made him a nominee too, but I didn't have this idea until now, so he can't enter this contest. Lucky devil...

I feel I should post his comments, and then give my analysis of them. I don't feel I did an adequate job over at YouTube, because they only allow 500 characters. This is the exact reason I created a blog...when I go after someone, I look to completely demoralize them and make them wish they never had bothered to bash their heads on the keyboard and send me their incoherent bullshit in the first place.

First comment:
expiredgoose (1 day ago)

this is fucking brutal
dio drove black sabbath into the ground
his voice is fucking horrible out of key not a fucking note is proper
hes an idiot

I made no edits to this. Why mess with brilliance? This comment, while annoying, isn't quite enough to make me flip out (as evidenced by the response I gave him). He has an opinion, even though it's horribly written and that last little jab at Dio makes it seem childish. I'm not sure how he thinks Dio drove Sabbath into the ground, as "Heaven and Hell" was a comeback album and pretty much kicked Black Sabbath in the balls and made them respectable again. His comments about Dio's performance are actually fair...he didn't sing NIB well on this occasion. Fine. However, I don't recall Ozzy singing perfectly every time out either...or at all in the last 5-7 years. But it's ok to slam Dio, because he's Dio. He's not Ozzy.

Comment #2:
expiredgoose (19 hours ago)

ozzy was the best voice in rock and roll when he was in black sabbath,black sabbath from 1968-1979 was black sabbath,they invented the key they play in they werent some filling in bullshit that just fucks the song,ronnie james doi wasnt a part of the band he was a peice of duct tape over a hole in the wall

Okay...I'm calling bullshit here. The first thing that starts to irritate me, is that he starts throwing out dates like I somehow don't know the history of Black Sabbath. Yes, I'm fully aware Ozzy was in the band from 1969-1979. Keep in mind they were still "Earth" until August '69. So, he's technically wrong already, but that's nit-picking. There's much more stuff to pick on here. Like that brilliant line about Sabbath "inventing the key they play in". WTF??? You can't 'invent' a musical key you douche. I think he's talking about tuning down, but Sabbath didn't even do this until 1971. I also don't understand how he decided that Ozzy was the "best voice in rock and roll". What standard is he using to determine that? Everyone with a brain knows he's not the best technically. As a showman...well, I seem to recall Ozzy not being too wild until the mid 70s. I think Alice Cooper was a hell of a better showman, and I'm sure there's others as well.

The thing that gets me the most is something I mentioned in a previous post. How come these pro-Ozzy fans type like a bunch of broken-handed 5 year olds? If you're going to argue with me, it might help your cause if you at least LOOKED intelligent by writing sentences and spelling words right. Just some advice. If I wrote something like that and gave it to my boss, my ass would be fired. That's a real world application for those who will say "it's the internet, so who cares?". Great.

Comment #3:
expiredgoose (7 hours ago)

ronnie james dio is sac-religious to black sabbath,his voice sounds like kittens being raped and after ozzy left the band fell apart tony is the only one that didnt leave the band after ozzy left,bill and geezer soon followed ozzy because of drug problems and MUSICAL DIFFENCES meaning they didnt like dios style which i dont think you can find any pure sabbath fan that did.... your blasphemy to the sabbs is gross and you say you may be a sabbath fan,but your rootin for the wrong sabbath,1968-1979

Where the fuck do I even begin with this? Thinking back, I wished I had just asked him "How do you know what kittens being raped sounds like?", and left it at that, but the crux of his message is so mindblowingly stupid that I would of felt unsatisfied. Again, his history is a little off. I find it funny how he highlights 'musical diffences' and says 'they didn't like dios style' and uses that as an excuse as to why Dio-led Sabbath sucks. Well maybe you haven't heard you dolt, but that exact lineup is releasing a new album on April 28. So much for 'musical diffences'. Not to mention "Dehumanizer"...

I also like how this jackass feels he's speaking for all of Sabbath fandom when he thinks that "no pure Sabbath fan" liked Dio's style. I know a lot of Sabbath fans that not only like it, but they prefer it. Joe Siegler ( himself admits to discovering Sabbath through "Mob Rules"...not the classic lineup. I'm glad you're around though to speak for the people 'expiredgoose'. What the fuck would they do without your infinite wisdom?

The thing that pisses me off the most is when my allegiance to the band is questioned. Who the fuck does this asshole think he is saying I'm not a true Sabbath fan, or that I'm "rootin for the wrong Sabbath". It's fine to have preferences; I do and I know other people do as well, but this is the fact: There is ONE Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath has Tony Iommi in it. Any record that says Black Sabbath, released by Mr. Iommi, is a Black Sabbath record. You don't have to like it, and you don't need to buy it or listen to it, but that doesn't change the facts. If this jackass wants to lie to himself and think they aren't Sabbath records, then fine, but don't sit there and tell me I'm wrong. I'm not into revisionist history and I'm not into Ozzy fanboys trying to spin it to make Ozzy look like a God and everyone else ever associated with Sabbath look like crap. I make a conscious effort to promote all eras of the band's work on my YouTube page, because it's all part of history. Yes, people prefer certain singers and musicians and that's fine as long as you're respectful and intelligent about it. That type of debate makes everyone better off. "expiredgoose" and his bullshit doesn't. He's just another Ozzy fanboy who has none NOTHING other than bitch and whine and argue with other Sabbath fans who don't kiss Ozzy's ass. Maybe when this asshole shares as much of his music collection and time as I have, then maybe he can talk about how I'm supposedly committing 'blasphemy'. Until then, he can simply shut the fuck up.

Congrats on your nomination 'expiredgoose'.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Not Dangerous. Sorry.

Hello again,

First off, as requested by a few of you, I have posted a link to download the FULL master recording of Black Sabbath's Milwaukee Riot 1980. The files are in .flac, so I ask if you convert the files to mp3, that you NOT repost them in that format. You are, however, welcome to repost the original .flacs, and if you choose to burn them to disc, convert the .flac files into .wav files to get the best quality CD you can. I know a lot of you know this already, but some don't. You can also play .flac files using Foobar2000, which is just an amazing .flac player. If it was a pile of shit, I wouldn't even bring it up, but it's totally worth downloading if you want to be able to play .flac files.


The crux of this post though is to discuss the newly released Thin Lizzy: "Still Dangerous" CD. As many of you already know, Scott Gorham was pretty much in charge of this project, and pretty much screwed it up. I love Scott Gorham has a guitar player, but I'm beginning to think he took too many drugs back in the 70s and early 80s. His interviews often go against already established facts (for example he said he joined Lizzy in 1973, which he didn't), and he's also suggested that the new Gorham/Sykes Lizzy outfit (if you can even call it Lizzy) may record NEW material. I hope not.

Anyway, for the record, I'm glad Lizzy's remaining members and management have decided to release some of the stuff they have located in the vaults of the record companies. My problem is with how they are going about doing it. 'Still Dangerous' is a 10 track abomination. Here's why:

1) It's not a single complete show.

My impression initally was that 'Still Dangerous' would be an official release of one of the two Philadelphia '77 gigs that took place on October 20 and 21, 1977 at the Tower Theatre. The first of the two is featured on Wolfgang's Vault, in it's entirety. I actually used audacity to record the sound off of it and edited out all the little clicks and trimmed the intro down just enough to get it to fit on one 80 min disc. That 80 min show is probably the best representation of Thin Lizzy that there is. It's better than Live and Dangerous by a mile. If not this, then I hoped it would be the mostly unreleased 21st of October show. However, the consumer won't be getting either one. They are getting essentially a compilation of the two shows, and only 10 tracks (12 on the import release). It's not the full show, and it's not from one show. That's strike one.

2) They changed the running order of the original set!

This is an even worse crime than #1. One of the things Phil Lynott did best, as mentioned by Brian Robertson, John Sykes, and even Gorham himself in interviews, was that Phil Lynott knew how to put a set list together. There's a good 150 bootlegs out there that further prove this point. Why in the hell did Gorham decide to change the order of the songs? What is he trying to achieve here? He's already destroyed the show by omitting songs, and now he wants to completely ruin it by changing the order? Pull your head out of your ass Scott!

3) They actually had the audacity to EDIT tracks!

Looking for that awesome Sax solo by John Earle in "Dancing In the Moonlight"? Don't expect to hear it. It's not fucking there. How about that ridiculously awesome drum solo by Brian Downey in Bad Reputation (one of the "bonus tracks")? Not there either. Want to hear the song 'Johnny'? You won''s not even included in the 12 tracks. How about Emerald? Only if you purchase the bonus tracks. Do you see my point? It's a fucking cash grab. I've always encouraged and hoped that more of this material would be released for the fans, but what's the point when you do so in a way that doesn't even justify how good the material actually is. Personally, rather than buy this disc, everyone should go rip a copy of the Philly show at Wolfgang's Vault. It's 1000 times better and that's a much more real representation of Lizzy at their peak than what Mr. Gorham decided to put together on his break from touring.

Here's my advice to Mr. Gorham:

Next time, forget about the mulitiple cash grabs, forget about changing it up--take the show, remaster the sound, make an awesome booklet, and just release it. Let the music dictate the sale. If you did it this way, I guarantee it would be bigger than "Live and Dangerous". There are shows out there that are BETTER than "Live and Dangerous"...and those were 100% real. Not overdubbed in a studio. It can be done. However, you might only have one more chance to get it right, and some people aren't even that generous. Get the new generations of Lizzy fans started the right way. Not with "Still Dangerous", but that's anything but "right".

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"I have a rare version of (insert song title here)!" NO YOU DON'T!!!

Yeah ok, so that title is a bit over the top. Lately I've been seeing some perculiar things on YouTube that I thought I would point out and comment on, just because I can. One thing that has struck me as odd is the number of "super rare Sabbath tracks" on YouTube that turn out to be one of the following:

A) Not even a Sabbath song.

B) Something that's ridiculously common that people THINK is rare.

The second situation is somewhat forgivable. The first isn't. With the power of the internet at a person's disposal, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why people should be posting music without checking it out first and making sure what they are actually posting is authentic. The reason I make a big deal about this is because I occasionally get messages from people asking if the stuff I post is legitmate, which of course it is. However, this doubt wouldn't exist if there weren't dumbasses posting music that isn't what they claim it to be. Here's a couple examples I'd like to share with you all.

Example 1: (EDIT: link has been removed)

Claim: This guy has posted a video called Black Sabbath - Electric Sleep. It's a track unreleased from the Paranoid-era. It's super rare!

What it actually is: Any idiot with a working hand could of gone to "related videos" and clicked on Sheavy's "Electric Sleep", where you would find THE EXACT same track being played live. You think the uploader would have been curious at all...but I guess not. This is stupidity at it's finest.

Example 2:

Claim: "Black Sabbath Paranoid (unknow demo) i've found this on a blog and i even remember the name, don't ask me questions about it 'cause i don't know! "

What it really is: Apparently in this user's excitement to get this "gem" uploaded, he didn't bother to proofread his title or video info. Already a bad sign. I have my doubts that this user found this on a blog, unless that blog was called "shitty 13 year old guitar player can play the Paranoid riff on his Squier guitar and record it and put it on YouTube". Now, if that had been the title of his video, then I would have no qualms about it. Instead, he has chosen to falsely title the video, which now will only bring him ridicule and shame. Mostly from me.

Example 3 (the best for last):

Claim: Black Sabbath * Sweet Leaf (clear sound)

What it really is: Yeah, it does have a clear sound. I also noticed that Ozzy has been replaced with a singer who can't even sing in the correct time, and the instruments have all been overdubbed! What a gem this is!

Now seriously...this has to be a joke. So I started prodding the guy for questions and this is what he tells me:

blacksabfan (2 days ago)
And what compilation would that be?

faggotmutilator666 (1 day ago)
Polish. Kinda odd, but it was cheap, so i got it. If you don't believe me, then don't.

Either he doesn't want to give up the ghost, or he's an idiot. Maybe he's embarrassed that he actually purchased this and has mentally convinced himself that he's listening to Black Sabbath. Then again, if I was Polish, I'd be upset because I don't think anyone from Poland would waste their time creating such a bootleg. It simply can't be an item that actually exists. It's a shitty cover, by a guy who doesn't sound anything like Ozzy. Again, if he wanted to post the cover, then by all means post it, but don't fucking say it's Black Sabbath. It's not. What pisses me off the most is that the guy keeps arguing with me and uses the lame excuse that he's just posting what it says on the cover. Here's an idea...LISTEN TO THE FUCKING SONG. This guy knows damn well it's not Sabbath, but insists on posting it as such anyway. In my world, if I ran YouTube, the guy would have his account taken away. Yeah, it sounds harsh...but there's too many people that spend years of their time collecting, cataloguing, and maintaining great collections of unreleased/live/bootleg material, to have to deal with shit like this. It's a waste of everyone's time and it's dishonest. People shouldn't have to doubt collectors that have extensive knowledge of the band's material just because some dolts think they have some great unreleased demo version of Paranoid. It's all fools' gold people...fools' gold.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The DIME Mods are illiterate assholes.

Just recently I posted "More Peel Sessions" on DIME. First off, I would like to thank a fellow YouTuber, who went out of his way in getting me lossless copies of his silvers so I could post this on DIME.

About an hour ago, I got an email from one of the Mods on DIME about a reply I had made to another user. The user was slightly upset that I had removed a track from the torrent I posted. The track in question is "Emerald", recorded on 2/12/76 for the BBC. The actual boot lists the song as "Warriors", which is a mistake. As you can see this is already a slightly confusing issue. In any event, I removed the track from the torrent as the rules say you must.

Anyway, I replied to the user, saying that I had no intentions of posting the torrent on another site in full. I then explained the switch and said that a version of Warriors did in fact appear on another unreleased Peel Sessions disc (I think it's titled "Peel Sessions: Deep From the Vaults" or something...). I also have that particular track, and it's here on YouTube (look up "Warriors" BBC Session). This track is on the third release, and I expressed some hope that another user would post this 3rd disc.

Then I get the email from the Mod. He totally sends me this long uber-complicated and long-winded email, saying how my reply is bannable because I suggested that I was going to repost the torrent with the official release, and that on DIME, it could be trouble for them. What the fuck???? That's not what I said at all. I guess these people can't fucking read. Besides, even if I had said what they claimed, is it really THAT big a deal? Just fucking delete it and move on. I'd post the email sent to me here in full...but it's way too fucking long. I'll just post the first part, and my response.

"Before you read the rest of this message, open a window or tab in your browser and read this item in DIME's FAQ, so that you'll know what our policy is: OK, have you read it? Then let's continue. You posted this comment (#3074506) on (Thin Lizzy - More Peel Sessions )
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------In comment #3074174 Drifter1 wrote something like this:could you possibley upload this in its entirety at the traders den,its such a travesty to see Emerald cut off this,one of the best songs Phil wrote hands down....plz give it some thought,all the same its very nice to see this shared: )--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[This below is my original posted comment on the this!]

It's really not that big a deal. The officially released Peel Sessions disc has the exact same version of Emerald. I have it (in lossless) and got curious so I compared them and they are identical. However, I want to say that there is a version of 'Warriors' on another Peel Sessions boot. I have some of the tracks from it, but not in lossless, or the whole disc. Perhaps someone else has this disc and would like to share...

The Mod's reply
Because you were qouting Drifter1's comment and in addition suggested that someone else than yourself could upload the official material elsewhere, we've had to delete your comment. [NO! I said nothing about uploading official material!!!!] As you previosuly have been warned for spreading bannable, we know you this is a violation of DIME's terms of service.Drifter1 clearly asked you as uploader a question, but instead answering him a simple *no* this is officially released material so you can buy it, you chose to repete his message before you vaguely suggested that perhaps someone else could upload this elsewhere. [Yeah, the unofficial disc...not the official Peel Sessions disc...fucking christ!!!] You had the choice to handle this very differently. Instead of qouting Drifter1, you could for instance have reported the comment to the moderators and/or answered him differently and without repeating his comment, which of course would put you in a different light.DIME gets legal threats all the time, and two of them went so far as to get us shut down. We have to keep our noses very clean here. It won't help us much not to carry official material on the tracker if our front end is going to be a meetingplace for people who arranging to share it under the table. [It goes on...and on...and on...]

My reply:

"You misunderstood. The track "Warriors" has not been officially released and appears on yet another unreleased Peel Sessions disc. (I know because I have a copy of track, albeit not in lossless). I never said anything about posting this torrent with "Emerald" elsewhere, nor did I suggest anyone else should. I DID suggest that someone post the other unreleased Peel Sessions disc, since I don't have it. Perhaps instead of writing long-winded emails to me snapping at me for violating the CoC (which I didn't), you should read more carefully.

Thanks for understanding,

Now instead of them realizing their mistake and apologizing and this being forgotten about...I get TWO replies from the Mods...

From: DIME Mod Phenix059
"Ryan, your snotty irony in answer to a private email you were sent is perfectly OK in a private answer. But i *strongly* recommend you think twice before making your rant public."

Now, I didn't answer this email, because I know my account is more valuable then a fucking Mod on a powertrip. If I truly didn't care, I would of let this asshole have it. Let's remember it was THEM who fucked up in the first place. They are lucky they are just getting "snotty" out of me, rather than me opening up a can of E-whoopass on them. Besides...what does he mean by irony? The only irony is that they can type me long-winded emails about how I broke the CoC when they don't even understand what my initial comments were to begin with...which didn't break anything in the CoC.

From DIME Mod Brother_52
You misunderstood.

"No we didnt misunderstand. Drifter1 refered to "Emerald" which is available on "The Peel Session" released on Strange Fruit SFRCD 130.You wrote the following in the torrent description"Track 11, listed as "Warriors" is actually "Emerald" and has been officially released on The Peel Sessions Disc. It is not included as part of this torrent and is shown merely as a reference"You qouted Drifter1's spreading bannable comment where he asked for the full set including "Emerald" being uploaded elsewhere,where upon you answered "Perhaps someone else has this disc and would like to share... "."

[This is a fucking FAIL if I ever saw one. This dumbass still thinks I'm referring to the officially released Peel Sessions disc, rather than the 3rd disc which is one of the two that remain unreleased. For the record, there is no version of 'Warriors' on the officially released Peel Sessions, so I'm not sure what the fuck he is talking about. I honestly don't know how I could of been more clear on this. Holy shit...]

The track "Warriors" has not been officially released and appears on yet another unreleased Peel Sessions disc. (I know because I have a copy of track, albeit not in lossless).

"We are not talking about "Warriors" which is unreleased, but the track wrongly named on the bootleg "Warriors" which is infact "Emerald" from the Peel Session February 12th 1976, and which is officially released."

[I know what you're talking about. But that wasn't what I was talking about...]

Perhaps instead of writing long-winded emails to me snapping at me for violating the CoC (which I didn't), you should read more carefully.

"You have been warned previosly for spreading bannable and should have known better."

[Yeah, and I haven't since then. Still haven't. You think I did because you simply can't read.]

He then goes on to my two prior offenses. The first one was me mentioning that I downloaded the full version of the Hitchin Show on TradersDen (I didn't know you couldn't even speak about uploading something someplace else) and the second was when the assholes from RL showed up at DIME and we got into it. DIME didn't like us too much for that, and I don't blame them, but I was just defending myself and I have no regrets. Oh...and a third if you count how I referred this situation back on the original thread about how the Mod was wrong. And he is wrong.

All I would like is an apology...or hell...even an admittance that they misread the post. I don't care that it's deleted and it's not a big deal anyway. They want to make it a big deal. The high and mighty mods aren't ever wrong about anything though...

Fuck them, I'll just stop uploading my stuff there. I can do it over at the TradersDen from now on. If you're used to seeing me on DIME, then maybe you should get used to seeing me someplace else, because I'm tried of dealing with these asshole moderators who can't even fucking read, and when they get something wrong...get pissy about it when someone calls them on it. I typed 5 sentences back and the guy said it was a rant. Five sentences is not a rant. This blog is a rant. Get it fucking right!

That said, I didn't email them back. I don't want my account banned because of THEIR stupidity. Let those assholes think whatever they want. It's a good thing being a DIME mod doesn't make you shit in the real world...