Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yes...why do I attract all these idiots???

Here's another good conversation I had this evening.

I want it to be known that I'm not a very politically-correct person. I feel that America has become an oversensitive place where people or more worried about feelings and not offending people than being correct, truthful, or just easy-going.

For example, I'm well aware Phil Lynott is half-white, half-black. However, in the course of many casual conversations I have with people, especially ones not that familiar with Lynott or Lizzy, I might say something like 'Lynott was a black-irishman', or 'Lynott was one of the few successful black rock stars', or something like that. By saying this, I'm not denying his half-whiteness, I'm just choosing to accentuate his "blackness", because it makes him more unique. It's technically not dishonest, at least in my mind, because I've always considered a person black if they are 25%, 50%, or 100% black. I don't mean it like I'm a racist. I have black friends, and they've told me they don't mind being called 'black' as opposed to African-American. Some even prefer it. Even the technically bi-racial ones don't mind. I also do it because it's just simple, easy, and to be honest, no one really gives a fuck anyway. But of course, there's always one or two pedantic assholes that want to make a big deal out of something like that. In my mind, making a big deal about someone's race is just pointless anyway, and it's probably half the reason we still have racial problems today, because people just care too much about pointless bullshit such as skin color and being overly PC about it. I like Phil Lynott because what he wrote and sang about, not because of what color he is.

Anyway here is the conversation. Any thoughts about this would be appreciated.

OBAMAisHalfCaste (2 hours ago)
blacksabfan Phil was ~Half Caste~ NOT Black you oviously have never irelands one cultural society..Biracial and Black is different..All biracials are White people with a little more melanin and Tanned skin.Thers white people who go 2 shades darker than phil and Obama when they in hot sunny countries like Spain Africa and Brazil..And heres another suprize (Bob Marley) wasnt black either he was ~Half White~

blacksabfan (1 hour ago)
If someone is visibly black, I call them black. I'm not one to be technical about it. I'm not really into the PC technicalities. I don't care if it's 25%, 50% or 100%. There is nothing factually incorrect about saying Phil Lynott was black. He was. I never said he was 100% black. To be honest I don't even care, I just know he is one of my favorite musicians.

OBAMAisHalfCaste (49 minutes ago)
Well then you are very Dumb and Dull .You cant just labelle peoples ethnicity just because you want them to be something that they are not and never will be.. Phil was White to he was just as much White as he was Black . He belongs to both race groups

blacksabfan (31 minutes ago)
Black and Half-Caste isn't ethnicity. That's race. Ethnicity is Irish, German etc. I mean if you're going to call me dumb and then make a gross error like that, you probably should just stop talking. My point is that in popular culture, if you're part black, you get called black. Right or wrong, that's how it goes. I think everyone that is a fan of Phil Lynott is aware he's not completely black. It's not insulting the man...Phil called himself black. It's an observation that's simplified. If it makes you feel better, if I was writing a term paper on the subject, I would make his racial origin very clear, but in casual conversation I'm going to call him a black irishman. Comphrende?

OBAMAisHalfCaste (18 minutes ago)
Well then you would just be hypocrting yourself writing his real racial background down but then speaking a Lie to ..What is that its nonsence..Listen dude .Phil was Biracial not Black as you already know so give him respect and other biracials respect by calling them that.How would you feel if someone called you Yellow or purple when your not No you are wrong im not here to insult but to bring the truth of god to your eyes..In Africa he is White i have been there and all Biracials are lebeled as White its wrong..And yes most labele them as Black to.But why follow there stupidity and lower yourselfs to there dumbness

blacksabfan (13 minutes ago)
First off, I wouldn't give a shit if someone called me yellow or purple or whatever. I'm more concerned about my accomplishments, which is why I feel stupid arguing about this. Lynott's accomplishments are being belittled because of your hellbent obsession with proving that he's biracial, something that I've never once denied. Secondly, you keep combining race and ethnicity as if they are interchangable. They are not.
Do not comment anymore or you will be banned. End of discussion.

The fucker then chose to comment on my channel, and I chose to comment back on his, saying that his obsession seemed a bit unhealthy, and that perhaps he could be doing something more important with his life than worrying about whether or not someone is correctly classifying a person's race. Of course, he deleted my comments on his channel, because they might be seen by a person with a brain and they might use some common sense in determining that this guy is a little psychotic. I also made the point that people might take him more seriously if he typed comments without 50 typing errors in them...but what the hell do I know?

His biggest mistake however is that he chooses to use race and ethnicity as if they are interchangible terms. They are not. Race is black, white, hispanic, pacific islander, native american...etc. To be very un-PC about this...race is your color. Ethnicity, on the other hand, has to do with sharing traits through a common heritage. Irish, German, Czech, English, Scottish would be mine. Jews are an ethnic group. Ethnic groups share traits, be it linguistic, cultural, behavioral, religious, etc, and race is just one factor in that. Race can be a common trait within an ethnic group, but it in itself is NOT ethnicity. Phil Lynott was half-black and that is his race, but his ethnicity is wholly Irish. Even though Phil's dad was from British Guyana, I would claim that Phil shares none of ethnic traits associated with Guyana (whatever they are). I really don't see how that can be debated. Likewise there's a lot of white people in South Africa who are in fact African, but they sure as hell aren't black. So they aren't the same.

Basicially I know me going around calling Phil Lynott black is not as accurate as saying he's biracial, and maybe I'm technically wrong, but I'm also saying that I don't really give a fuck and that I understand the truth and just don't see a need to get overly technical about it. I certainly don't feel like calling him black is insulting. (Besides, I can't call him African-American, he's neither from Africa or America). Phil called himself black. Black Boys on the Corner? I'll be damned if he wasn't writing about himself as a kid. Phil knew he was biracial, but had no problem being called black. I view it the same way.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Another YouTube Idiot...

Hey everyone.

I had an interesting conversation today with a gentleman known as Ziggyztarz. It was on the audio clip of "Stop Messing Around" featuring Gary Moore and Phil Lynott trading off vocals. It can be found here:

Lynott fans will be amused by what is said in the comments section. If you don't want to bother, then I've taken the liberty to copy them here for your amusement. There's a few points I want to be clear about first.

First off, this guy claims to have known Phil Lynott in the early 1970s. Prior to this conversation he had talked about knowing him in Germany and that he somehow "didn't get what was promised to him" or something to that effect. He also went on about "nazi uniforms"...not sure what that was about, but basically I think this guy has a few issues. Lynott probably did have the misfortune of running into this man in Germany in the early 70s and probably realized that he was off his rocker (no pun intended!) and wanted nothing to do with him. That's just my theory. Here's the conversation below:

Ziggyztarz (6 hours ago)
I don't hear Phil singing, are you sure he was with Gary at this concert?

Phil usually sang.......

The Photo is from 'Out in the Fields', ('85) just before Phil died.

What? You don't hear Phil singing?? He sings the whole second half of the song! Not to mention that Gary Moore at the very end says "Phil Lynott...Thank You...Goodnight". Obviously he didn't bother to listen to that part. I hadn't realized this right away, or else I'd have mentioned it sooner, but I thought it was just so blatantly obvious that Lynott was singing that this really wasn't needed...

blacksabfan (5 hours ago)

Yes, Phil sings the whole second part of the song. 2:12-2:33 is Phil.

And yeah, I know the pic is from "Out In the Fields". I took it from a stillframe of the video right from here on YouTube.

Ziggyztarz (5 hours ago)
Sorry, but you are wrong that isn't Phil singing it's Gary. Phil was close to me, I know his voice, this isn't!

Again, why do people think that just because they knew someone, that this makes them more correct?Phil Lynott was there. He sang on that song. Gary Moore thanks him and the audience at the end. It's on the Emerald Islevideo and it's public record. Belfast 1984. It happened, and my ears confirm it. Other people have already commented that they actually SAW it. You're just fucking wrong. I really don't get it.

blacksabfan (4 hours ago)
It's on "The Man and His Music" 7 disc bootleg set. It's definitely Phil in the second part. I've heard enough of Gary Moore and Phil Lynott to tell the difference between the two.

I think you really need to lay off the drugs...I mean this isn't the first post you've made that I've had to go "WTF?!" at.

Maybe the drug thing was underhanded...but c'mon, can you blame me? If you had seen some of the other things this guy has said you'd understand...

Ziggyztarz (1 hour ago)
If you continue to claim to be some kind of 'expert' and also claim the tracks as yours, I am going to FLAG your site. I don't use 'Drugs' your insult is the last straw!

Phil was a friend of mine, it is NOT his voice!

Never once have I claimed the tracks as mine, at least in the sense that "I own them". Yes, I have copies of them and that's what I'm referring to when I speak about them possessively. I didn't write the songs or perform them obviously. I haven't 'poached' other's videos (unlike certain other people). Likewise, I've never claimed to be an expert. I feel that I'm certainly knowledgable, but I don't feel I'm some supreme expert. However, I am sure on this specific point, and there should be ZERO debate about it.

Secondly, how does one 'flag' an entire site? Good luck with that. Not that I'm worried about it, but if I ever get shut down, I'll just get a new account and the songs will go right back up. And then I'll find the person(s) responsible and villianize them to the point where they won't be able to come on YouTube and hear about how much of a douchebag they are. Sure, I've made a few enemies here and there, but I think there's way more people that appreciate what I've done than there are detractors. I'm not going to pretend to like someone if I don't. It's dishonest. And yes, I can really be a jerk sometimes, but I honestly think certain people need that...sometimes being nice to them and trying to explain it rationally just doesn't come across to them. Basically, sometimes people need a kick in the ass. I have no problem doing that, and I'm not too concerned with how others feel about it.

blacksabfan (1 hour ago)
I don't know why you're being so hostile, but go ahead. Flag me for what? Because I disagree with your assessment? I don't know if you knew Phil Lynott or not, but regardless you are WRONG. Just because you supposedly knew Lynott doesn't mean you are automatically correct. For the record this was recorded in Belfast in 1984. It's quite verifiable. I suggest you go do a bit of research before you suggest I am wrong.

So please go ahead. I'm really not that concerned. 

And for the record, I've never said I was an expert. However, you don't need to be a master chef to know that a turd sandwich tastes like shit. Catch my drift??

Take the last line to heart guys. It works wonders on those people that THINK they know everything, but in reality know nothing.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Help with lyrics for rare Lynott tracks.

Hi everyone. Sorry for the extended absence. I've been working like a mad man.

Lately, I've been getting several requests for lyrics to some of the rare Lynott/Grand Slam/Lizzy songs. Obviously I can't just look them up online and post them, because they haven't been posted by anyone else. So, I've painstakingly tried to transcribe some of them myself...which has led to mixed results.

Here's where you come in. I'm requesting help to transcribe any songs that I've posted related to Lizzy and Lynott. This also goes for any Sabbath fans who would like to transcribe any of the alternate versions of Paranoid and MoR tracks that I've posted. It's more beneficial to have several sets of ears than it is just one. People hear differently and I think it's a good way to get involved. If anyone is willing to help me out, I'd be more than happy to pass along some stuff from my collection.

If you decide to transcribe a song, just go ahead and comment on it and you can either post your work there in the comments section, pm it to me at YouTube, or email it to me at Even if you can only get a few lines of a song...anything is helpful.

For example, one tough song I've been having trouble with is "She Cries" by Grand Slam. The quality isn't the greatest and I can't make out significant portions. Another user gave his input and while some of it I think it is correct, there's other parts that I totally disagree with, and that emphasizes the importance of having several people listen to it. I'd like to be able to get a lot of these songs transcribed correctly (or as best as possible) so they can be posted on lyric sites.

The "Real Canadian" James Taylor ( also has attempted to post lyrics to some of the rarer tracks (notably Revolution, Catholic Charm, and Don't Let Him Slip Away). I, however, do not hear the same things he heard when he created his transcription of the lyrics. I could go into this in detail but it's not important. If you're truly interested, compare my transcription of Don't Let Him Slip Away against his transcription and check out the differences. I'm not saying he's wrong and I'm right...I very well could be wrong...but I'd like some more opinions on the subject. For the record, his page is amazing and he obviously has taken a lot of time over the years compiling all that information. If you haven't checked out his page, you should.

That's all I got for now. Should have a new post up sometime this week.