Monday, December 29, 2008

Jeff Fenholt was NOT in Black Sabbath!

I was awake so I thought I'd put an entry in. After my Sunday football fix I logged into YouTube and found that someone has responded to comment I made on some Jeff Fenholt video (not one of mine) from 10 months ago. This is the video:

Read through the conversation and note "ScarlettRhiannon's" stupid reply to what I said about Mr. Fenholt not being a member of Black Sabbath. I'll also post it below, because I can:

"Quoting Fenholt verbatim: "I was working with a group called Black Sabbath for a short time - about six months..." This was a preface to a story. Seems it isn't a matter a "falsifying" his "resume," but a matter of hearing and comprehension on your part. "

First off, I'm personally not a religious person...but to each their own. If you want to be a Bible Thumper, then go for it, but just because you're a Bible Thumper doesn't mean you have to be a gullible dope that believes anything that comes out of a horses' mouth. According to her logic, because Fenholt said so, it must be true. He's an infallible born-again Christian that is always right regardless of simple historical fact or any interview made by anyone else. Glad that has been cleared up. I think I'll tell her I'm the Pope, and she has to believe it's true, because I said so.

Secondly, it is NEVER a good idea to start criticizing my hearing and my comphrension... Especially when you don't know shit about Black Sabbath to begin with (as ScarlettRhiannon surely doesn't) and you're going up against a person that has posted 150ish Sabbath related videos and knows the history of the band like the back of his hand. That's glutton for punishment. Nevermind that I also hold an actual history degree, a teaching certificate, and I'm ten credits from a Master's Degree. But what the fuck do I know?? I don't know how to research or comprehend anything I read.

Here's the truth:

Jeff Fenholt was not in Black Sabbath because Black Sabbath was disbanded in 1984. Dave Donato was the last singer for Black Sabbath, and was fired sometime in the summer of that year. Geezer left the band and began his own solo band and Bill Ward was actually homeless sometime after 1984 (by his own admission). Tony Iommi was left with Geoff Nichols and the two of them began working on a solo project. Gordon Copley and Eric Singer also joined them (both from Lita Ford's band) and began writing material. By May 1985, music was written and a singer was brought in for some recording sessions. That singer was Jeff Fenholt. I've posted some of the music he did with Iommi and his band for these sessions, but it was NOT Black Sabbath. This was for Iommi's solo project. Sabbath is no longer an entity at this point in time...and I stress this point. Fenholt obviously had some pipes but he couldn't come up with a lyric to save his life (listen to some of the Fenholt stuff I've posted if you don't believe me). Iommi canned him, and Glenn Hughes was brought in at a later date. Copley had also left the band at some point during all this and was replaced by Dave Spitz.

By early 1986, the material for the album was finished and submitted to the record company. Don Arden suggested to Tony Iommi that he should put "Black Sabbath" on the album cover, and Iommi relucantly did so. Hence the "Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi" title. It was only at that point that Black Sabbath was officially 'active' again, and even one could agrue it was a side project or a 'spinoff' at that time. With future Black Sabbath releases though, it has been generally accepted into Black Sabbath discography as a legitmate Black Sabbath album, despite many of the tracks being unlike anything Black Sabbath had previously done.

So Jeff Fenholt was NOT working on a Black Sabbath project. He was working on an Iommi solo project. Granted that project may have become a Sabbath project at a later date, Fenholt was not in the band AT THAT TIME. Thus he is NOT a member of Black Sabbath. I don't care what he said, what the 700 Club said, or what TBN said. What they say, or have said, or may say in the future is 100% WRONG. At best, Mr. Fenholt is confused and at worst he's a fucking liar. (I lean more toward the latter.) The guy is a hack who's 'claim to fame' is being the singer for a band that wasn't even a band at the time. What's even more sad is that he actually was in Jesus Christ Superstar, yet chooses to promote this lie rather than something he was actually a part of. What a dope.

So here's some free advice, especially for you Scarlett...

Don't believe everything you hear. Especially on TBN. It's not the first time they've lied. They've also said other whoppers of lies such as Pat Robertson leg pressing 2000 lbs (seriously, google that shit if you don't believe me). But they said it must be true...a Christian TV network would never ever lie...

Here's a download link for you all (and especially for you Diopriest). This is Heaven and Hell's show at Camden, NJ on 6 Aug 2008. First night of the Metal Masters Tour. Features "Time Machine" and the only live performance of "Ear In the Wall" from the tour. It's in lossless format, so if you need to convert it use 'dBpoweramp' (it's free to download). If you do convert it though, please don't repost mp3 files of the show on other sites, repost the original FLACs.


Catch you all later. Keep rockin'.


  1. So, whats this about then?

  2. That's an unofficial release bro. Somehow got leaked out from the recording studio demos and someone put Jeff's name where Tony's was, used the same cover as Seventh Star

  3. It makes me sick now to think that Jeff Fenholt was promoting himself as the singer for BS. In fact, if you watch some of his 'testimony', he says to the niave' church crowd: 'How many of you here tonight, went to my Black Sabbath concerts before you got saved and have you repented"? Sickening. He out and out lied!!! He lied because he KNEW it would be more outrageous and he would get bigger 'offerings' from the crowd. What a creep.

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  5. I feel your pain but, it doesn't change the fact that Jesus Christ died so that you might gain eternal life and a life of peace and purpose on earth but,God is cool about that because he gives us the free will to choose life with Jesus Christ (Romans 10:8-17) or Death in the lake of fire because of the lies Satan feeds our Minds. I choose life,a life of peace and an endless hope and not the hopeless end that Satan offers. It's a "No Brainer". I hope you think hard about which way you choose. Eternity is at stake. I wish you well.