Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm back

Hi everyone.

Sorry about any delays. I think I answered most of my important PMs on YouTube. If not, then shoot me another one.

I don't want to get in too many details, but I had a family member pass away last week and I was either out of town, or just made myself unavailable. Not that I got any complaints from anyone about my absence, but I thought I would just make that clear in case there were some that weren't brought to my attention.

I posted one new video earlier on YouTube. Another soundcheck track by Sabbath. Should be a treat for you all.

I also got curious and downloaded the disc of demos/alternate tracks from the deluxe version of Paranoid that was just released. I noticed that on "War Pigs" the vocal can still be heard at certain parts. Get a good set of headphones and put it on if you have the track. Listen to the first two or three minutes, and you can hear a low vocal. Especially when Ozzy would yell "Oh Lord Yeah!". It's there. I didn't hear it on any of the other tracks (yet), but I'm starting to think that these Instrumental versions might not necessarily be legit. Maybe some of these were concocted prior to release by removing vocals and claiming them to be something else after the fact. I don't know. If anyone has the disc, I'd like your take on this.

Here's a link for you all, requested by Diopriest:

Black Sabbath - Paris 1970 (mp3 @ 192 kbps)

If anyone has a lossless version of the above, drop me a message. I love this recording, and would love an upgrade to it.

Stay tuned this week, I should have some more posts.



  1. thanks very much for the paris 1970 show blacksabfan and im also sorry for the loss

  2. Welcome back, man. So sorry to here about your loss. I think we, in some way, can all relate. Best of wishes to you and your family.

    That said, I'm sure you've heard Sabbath's(OK, "Heaven and Hell's") new release, what do you think. Personally, I like it. A little disappoited Bill backed out, but I'm glad they're touring again. Can't wait.

  3. Hi!!from argentina!

    I found a lot very intersting things that you put in youtube so first of all I have to say thanks for all that ones!!

    thxs for this that I am downloading right now!!

    apart from that, two days ago Heaven&hell were here, Fukin incredible the show and all the songs that they choose for argentina!!

    If it happens a bootleg of this show I will let you know!!

    sorry for my english it sucks a lot

    saludos from argentina

    keep the good work!!

    Sabbath for religion

  4. I know this is like over a year old, but to answer the war pigs thingy, I hear ozzy's voice too and I think it's because it was being picked up by the drum mics or something like that, I may be mistaken but I think they recorded paranoid in the same studio as the first album, in which they performed the songs live with ozzy singing in a little booth next to the instruments. His voice doesn't sound exactly the same as the album version, at first I thought they may not be legit instrumentals but on closer inspection I think they are real.