Monday, August 17, 2009

6 more songs for you Lynott diehards.

Hi again everyone.

Here's another link with 6 more rare Lynott tracks from the 1984-1985 period. The only difference between these and the other links is that these tracks are in .mp3 @ 256kbps. For these tracks it's the best available quality that I personally have. If anyone has something better, I'd be more than happy to hear from you...or better yet, post it on a torrent or something and let everyone enjoy them.

The tracks are:
No More (w/Steve Johnson)
Revolution (w/Steve Johnson)
Guiding Light
What's the Matter Baby (w/Junior Giscombe)
Catholic Charm

This brings me to my second point. I've been contacted by a few people about some of the shows I requested in an earlier post, a few of which were posted within the last two years on places like DIME and TTD. I've never been a big trader mostly do to the time and prep work it takes to work out a trade-with addition to having a couple bad experiences along the way. Besides that, I've always never been truly possessive over the music that is in my collection. It's just that--music. I've never understood why people boast huge collections and then never share any of it (or only share when something amazing appears.) I'd just like to make an appeal to people:

Share your stuff.

I know for a fact my collection could of been a lot bigger had I decided to trade shows to a select few, rather than share them over the net with everyone. I decided against this a long time ago, and that I would much rather allow people to hear it for free (truly for free) than to boast an insane collection, only to be despised and accused of being in it for some kind of ego-driven purpose. I've been accused of having one anyway with the whole YouTube page and my sometimes heavy-handed way of dealing with people, but I like to think of myself as quite humble, at least in person and to those I truly care about.

I'm not out of stuff to post. I have plenty of Sabbath material, some Lizzy interviews, a few tracks here and there...but someday I'm sure I will be. I know I've made enemies in the trading world with how I've gone about things. I don't care though, I'm 100% convinced I've done the right thing, although because of it, I know I'm sort of blacklisted from some people's trading pools. Also, I don't intend on posting 74 versions of the "Boys are Back In Town" or "Paranoid" just to stay relevant on YouTube. Once I feel I've exhaused my collection...that's it. I'll have done my part. I guess I'm hoping that a few other people out there (and some have) step up and continue to post, or some new people start posting gems from their collections. It's not about entitlement or trying to get something for free. I truly believe its the right thing to do. I might have rare tracks in my collection, but I certainly don't feel that I 'own' them, or that I'm more entitled to them than anyone else, hence the reason I share everything I get my hands on in the first place. I just happen to be lucky to have them.

I make this request now because it's the anniversary of what would of been Mr. Philip Lynott's 60th birthday on Thursday. I would love to see people who have shows, even if they might be fairly common or not long absent from the torrent trackers on DIME, TTD, TapeCity, etc. to make an appearance come Wed-Fri. I mean what better occasion is there? What is there to wait for? Rapture? Remember, you can't take it with you.

I myself will let the cat out of the bag now and say that I am uploading a show on TTD. I don't want to say which one, but it's a good one. I've had it almost a year now and have been careful not to post anything from it, just for this occasion. However, if things don't change, it might be the last Lizzy/Lynott related thing I offer on any torrent tracker. I know there's people out there with shows and while there's a few that have done so much already...there's other people that can do so much more.

"Now the time has come to use our's the time to let it all go..."


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