Friday, August 14, 2009

Links to rare Lynott tracks.

Hi all.

Phil Lynott's 60th Birthday is coming up next week, and to get the party started off right, I plan on posting a few links around on some of the places I frequent on the net. That includes my blog.

A few people have requested copies of these so I'll make them available here. They are in FLAC however, so if you want to convert them to .mp3, you'll have to do it yourself. There's a lot of ways to do this, so if you don't know how, consult Google. All I ask is that they don't get reposted in .mp3 format. I'll be posting these links (including some others I haven't made yet) on various websites, but if you know of a friend who doesn't frequent those websites or if you want to post them on your own blogs, that's totally fine with me.

Without further ado...

Freedom Comes, Hard Times, and Partner In Crime

He Fell Like A Soldier and Time (and Again)

I should have more links this weekend and into next week. I also have a brand new torrent planned for upload on TheTradersDen. Stay tuned.


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