Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another download link - By request

ThinLizzyFanpage requested that I post the soundcheck from the 3/12/1983 Hammersmith Odeon gig. I initially said it would take a few days, but I found it on my hard drive and just decided to do it now, while I answered some idiotic comments on a few of my YouTube posts regarding California Jam, Nuremberg 1983, and Sabbath's performance of Smoke on the Water.

I got this from a friend of mine as .mp3 files. I don't know the exact bitrate but the files sound ok. I know people have this in lossless, so if you see this and have it in lossless, it would be appreciated if it could be posted someplace like DIME/DaD or at the Traders Den in that format. That way I could junk this link, and post something in better quality.

This includes 4 versions of Black Rose, 2 of Still In Love With You, Whiskey, The Rocker, Are You Ready, and a couple of jams. It used to have two more tracks but something happened to the CD I had this stored on awhile back and it damaged two tracks so they they were unplayable. This should really be 14 tracks but instead you're only getting 12. Another good reason someone should take the time and post this.

What is here is really good though. It's neat to hear some of the riffs played on their own.


EDIT: Link removed. Someone met my request and reuploaded lossless version of the afforementioned tracks. I'll try to get a new link put here soon.

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