Saturday, January 23, 2010

My extremely belated Christmas present.

Here's a breakdown of what the above link contains:

01 Waiting For an Alibi (Alternate Demo)
02 Dear Miss Lonely Hearts (Demo)
03 Samantha
04 What's the Matter Baby (Version 1)
05 Breakdown (Longer Version)
06 Ode to A Black Man (Demo)
07 Jamaican Rum (Demo)
08 What's the Matter Baby (Version 2)
09 Time (and Again) (Version 2)
10 He Fell Like A Soldier (Version 2)
11 Lady Loves to Dance (Demo)
12 Someone's Out To Get Ya
13 Catholic Charm
14 I Still Think of You
15 No More
16 Revolution
17 Why Don't You Call Me
18 Partner In Crime ('Acoustic Mix')
19 Lady Loves to Dance (12' version)
20 Dirty Old Town
21 Guiding Light
22 Fats (Demo)
23 Tattoo (Demo)
24 Spanish Guitar (Demo)
25 With Love (Alternate Demo)
26 Try A Little Harder (Demo)
27 Hot N' Spicy
28 Hard Times ('Dance Mix')
29 Harlem (Alternate Version)
30 Lady Loves to Dance (Mastered version)
31 Baby's Been Messin' (Snippet)
32 Bad Is Bad (Short low quality snippet)
33 Bad Is Bad (Longer Better quality snippet)
34 Talk in 79 (Snippet)
35 We Will Be Strong (Demo - Snippet)
36 Chinatown (Demo - Snippet)
37 Don't Play Around (Demo - Snippet)
38 Didn't I (Demo - Snippet)
39 Having A Good Time (Demo - Snippet)
40 Have You Heard Lately (Snippet)
41 Kill (Snippet)
42 Revolution (Robin George Version - Snippet)
43 The Story of My Life (Snippet)

All are in 256 kbps mp3 format. Too bad we probably won't get any better quality than this, but it's still nice regardless.


  1. Wow! Thank you very much. This is almost like a second christmas for me :) A very nice compilation of rare tracks.

  2. BLACKSABFAN thank you very much.
    I love Thin Lizzy!.

  3. Bless you, sabfan!!! I thought I had almost all the rarities, but there are several tracks here I've never heard! Thank you from the bottom of my Lynott-loving heart!!! I am submitting your name for sainthood without delay!

  4. Hey blacksabfan please, can you re-upload this? :(