Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Eternal Idol with Ray Gillen

I decided to play Santa today. Diopriest (who has a great channel, check him out on YT) requested that I post these to my blog. I haven't posted any links lately, so I was happy to oblige.

Here is the first link. This link is for "Version 1" of the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol Demos. These are the same as what I have posted in my YouTube channel.


Now here is the other treat...

A couple weeks ago, a guy named "Gutlit" on DIME (www.dimeadozen.org) posted some choice selections from his collection. He posted another version of the Ray Gillen Eternal Idol Demos. This version is the best that I've ever heard. It's different than the first version in that the songs have ALL the guitar solos, whereas the other version doesn't, but these sound so crisp. They are supposedly from the master tape and it certainly sounds that way. They almost sound like a finished product, and they are arguably better than the actual album. It's a bold claim, but damn these sound amazing. Here's the link for those:


These are posted as .flac files. If you convert them to .mp3, make sure you do so ONLY for your own personal use. Don't repost any .mp3 copies of these to any websites. Anyone is more than welcome to post the .flac files though, or repost these links. If you're looking for a good way to convert .flac to .wav to burn to CD...try dBpoweramp. It's fantastic. It's also free.

I wanted to do something funny for April Fools Day, but I'm worried if I post a video claiming to have a rare song, and I instead show Rick Astley singing "Never gonna give you up", I'd probably upset a lot of people. Instead, I'm going to post another rare Lynott track, and NOT play a joke on everyone. I also want to make another Sabbath post or two sometime this weekend. No promises, but I'll do my best.

All the best everyone.



  1. Hi!
    Wow, the version 1 songs I knew, but the Version 2 songs the sound like a "real" CD, just some backing vocals are missing.. Ho Ho ho... man this is great, thanks a lot, I will put right next to my "ORIGINAL" Eternal Idol CD.
    I have never heard this...


  2. Badass, thanks, Ryan.

  3. thanks so much blacksabfan you rock /,,//,,/

  4. Please Sabfan, Megaupload links are forbbiden in my district. Can you post rapidshare or mediafire links? Thanks.

  5. Sabbath released Eternai Idols Demos with Ray on The Eternal Idol [Deluxe Edition] in 2010.