Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yay for funny hate mail!

Hey everyone!

Lately this blog has taken on a negative tone. When I started this blog, it was NOT my goal to bore you all with my trivial issues and confrontations with morons. I'm going to change it up a bit starting now.

I received this PM over at YouTube today. It greatly amused me.

rocklegendthinlizzy - Mad Mike and your blog


I've read your blog entry regarding Rock Legend where you quote from the Trust forum. The guy in question is MichaelM aka Madmike aka MentalM. The guy is nuts an absolute headcase, well known in Lizzy circles and banned from every Thin Lizzy site there's ever been. Holding that idiot up as some kind of example was the best thing I've read in a long time. I guess you were trying yet again to provoke a reaction but I guess we were to busy laughing. With that rant you shot yourself right in the foot and lumped yourself in with probably thee most ridiculous character ever, nice work ;-)

Anyway if you want to touch base with him then do a Google on MichaelM his blog page comes up tops. I'm sure you'll get along fine I can take the shit you write because that's exactly what it is, shit. False accusations are whole different bag though and that pisses me off so I guess you got your reaction and a couple of minutes of my time which is what you appear to crave. You've been left well alone for the simple reason that you're not worth the trouble and it's my intention to keep it that way. I'm a patient man and will explore all avenues to try to understand what peoples issues are, I thought after the last time we'd reached an understanding obviously I was wrong. Thankfully this time your lack of judgement has come home to roost and the jokes on you.

adios nick

Well wasn't that poignant? RL must be bored so they've decided to throw a couple jabs again to see if I'm willing to engage them once again. Hell, why not. Nothing like a good feud to get people to pick sides. Thanks Nick [Sharp]. I didn't ask for a response from you, just from Michael M, which by the way, I've already talked to. I'm not sure what makes him so mental, as he came across well to me, both via email and in his message at the Trust. I would say he came across "logically", logic being something you're not really into.

BTW, I didn't know you were the official spokesperson/propaganda minister for RockLegend, Nick. Read up on Joseph Goebbels, he would make a good role-model for you. Hell, Phil Osborne can be Hitler and Frank Healy can be Heinrich Himmler. How's that sound? Did I miss anyone? Let me know, and I can assign roles to anyone else that wants one. I'm sure I can think of about 10-15 high ranking Nazis off the top of my head, being a history buff and all, that would fit perfectly for any one interested over at RL. I shouldn't need to know anymore than that, because really there's only about that many in your cult anyway.

Well, I guess the game IS afoot...

"Johnny comes marching home again...hurrah...hurrah..."

Just a line from a new favorite song of mine...

Oh, and for Diopriest...I'll get links to BOTH sets of Ray Gillen demos up here by Wednesday of next week at the latest. Possibly sooner.

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