Sunday, March 21, 2010

The "Circle of Fools" has done it again!

Hi everyone.

The Thin Lizzy supporters that frequent this blog have already read about my past experiences with Thin Lizzy fan site "Rock Legend". Yeah, I don't like them and they don't like me. Fine. I must share this latest run-in with them though, to share with you some news, and to share with you THE TRUTH.

The big news is that the ultimate holy grail track "In the Delta" is now on YouTube.

It was posted there by "Father Jack". People that "know", know who he is. From time to time, him and others in the RL crew like to throw gold coins to us "less forunate" Thin Lizzy supporters. They claim to find all this rare stuff, and make it available ASAP to everyone. They claim they want to share other rare tracks but can't because you need rare tracks to trade for other rare tracks not in their possession. This logic makes perfectly good sense.

However, this is NOT what RL does. "In the Delta" is proof of that. I've said it for a couple years now, and this time I have indisputable proof of their TRUE motives.

The reason "In the Delta" is up on YouTube now? IT's simply because I doubted they had it, and they wanted to "prove me wrong". How dumb is that? Well, not as dumb as what you're going to read here below.

This started about a week ago. Another YouTube user, completely out of the blue, emailed me the lyrics to "In the Delta". He said he had owned it for years and it was a rare trade-only item. He insinuated that I might be able to contact the person who had another rare track and set up a trade. I said I wasn't interested though, but kept the correspondence.

Then I decided, as a complete joke, to email RL saying I had the track. This is shit that happens quite often. Am I a jerk, maybe...but I'm also one that likes to have a little fun now and then. I contacted the webmaster of Rock Legend, knowing full well he would tell anyone within earshot...but not expecting anything major to happen. Here is the actual correspondence:

Me = Red, RL = Blue
Sent: Mon 3/15/10 3:13 PM

Wooh wooh wooh wooh.......(for one minute or so)
I've been working down in the delta, Lord it done me no good. When your working out in the delta all you is blood, sweat, and blood in the delta.

Wooh wooh wooh wooh.....................................................

I've been working on that chain-gang, breaking rocks for the man on that chain gang. You get no pity that man don't give a damn, damn, damn in the delta.

Wooh wooh wooh wooh.....................................................

Who says there has to be a moral. See my berathed has taken a fall. Who says I'm resting on my laurels. Who says I got anything in common with you at all, see as silly has it tired living out someboby else's dream. So tired living out somebody else's dream. More time I waste more time I must redeem. So tired living out somebody else's dream

Just ask Prince Laurence of the Bahamas. So tired living out somebody else's dream for the flash scene.

Thought you might be interested.

Sent: Mon 3/15/10 6:24 PM
To: Me
So have you managed to get hold of a copy of In the Delta or is it just the lyrics you have Ryan?

Sent: Mon 3/15/10 9:40 PM All I have to say is that I've waited for this moment a long time now. I wouldn't waste my time if it wasn't going to be worth my while.

I'd post a sample, but I don't have permission. This is surely something you and some others understand...right? There's protocol involved...


Sent: Tue 3/16/10 5:37 PM

I hope you enjoy it - it really a very interesting track - but nowhopefully you will see that sometimes to get access to certain veryinteresting tracks you just cannot post them and share them otherwisesources just dry up!

Sent: Tue 3/16/10 10:42 PM


It is a very interesting track. Although I'm not sure how YOU know it's interesting...It is my understanding that I'm exactly the 7th person to have a copy. That's what person #6 told me. If my calculations are correct, there's no way you or anyone else you personally talk to on a regular basis has a copy of it. That would make the number much higher than 7. So, someone's not telling the truth...
But that said, yes I will enjoy it. And it's not completely out of the question that it could turn up on YouTube. But I have some other people I need to talk to a bit first, some more shopping around to do, you know how it is.

Sent: Wed 3/17/10 5:11 PM
Ryan not sure if your information is correct and that is the problem withthe world of Thin Lizzy trading as you, me or anyone else does not reallyknow who has what! So yes I have a copy in fact I have had a copy before you and I firstcommunicated but as you know after my experience I stopped all trading so

I will just add before I finish can I urge you to think very carefully before spreading the track far and wide as there is one or two rare trackwhich others are trying to track down and secure and if In the Delta was"out there" the people are trying to secure tracks like Story of my Life and others. So I know you will make your own mind up on this but just think about ityou may have a key part to play in helping to get the last few of the losttracks unearthed and contrary to your thoughts I know that the people Ihave contact with have always wanted to share all the tracts once they hadmanaged to release the tracks which are held by others.

So I will go now and I genuinely hope you enjoy the track. J

Sent: Wed 3/17/10 8:43 PM
Nah, I'm sure my information is correct. Here's why:No one from RL is going to give me the time of day, except for maybe you, if I had a question about any unreleased material. I've known this for a long time, and when I was booted from the forums (and I was booted) I didn't look back.
The guy I got the track from was the long time owner. He knows exactly who has the track. I know copies have been VERY LIMITED, for the exact reasons you mentioned. If someone from RL had it, I wouldn't of wasted my time gloating to you about it. In fact, I would of posted it already, probably just to stick it to them even more. Also, no one from RL is going to come to me, out of the blue, and just say, "Hey, Ryan, you want a copy of this track..." Get real Jim. I know you guys have been looking for it for a long, long time. Hell, I know when the whole Unfinished Sympathy business came about, no one at RL had even heard of "In the Delta". I know you're bluffing, and I know you're trying to not make a big deal about it because you don't want to "overplay" your hand. Hell, it's probably the closest you guys are going to get to acquiring that track.

Another reason I know you don't have it, is that it would of appeared as at least a snippet in what "nothinbutblue" posted on YouTube. I know his identity too. I know where those tracks are coming from, and I know why some appear as snippets. C'mon Jim, if you really had the track, you would of said as much in the very first message and probably not bothered replying to me. But you guys won't let it go until you either get some information from me on how to acquire it, or convince me to cough it up...neither which are going to happen.

And even if you do have it, I could totally piss up any effort you guys have of acquiring other rare tracks. If that is what you're'd think after 20 years you'd have gotten somewhere with that by now.
I might be young, but I've played a lot of Poker in my time. I'm damn near unbeatable at that game. This is the same exact thing in my eyes.

That's all I have to say on this. You can reply back, but I won't be responding any further. I wish you the best Jim.

Sent: Thu 3/18/10 5:24 PM

Okay Ryan you believe what you want to believe but if you are such agood poker player you should know when to fold and admit you do not havea winning hand! And I am sorry to disappoint you but your source does not have the fullpicture so if you still think I do not have it then if I say it is a slowbluesey number maybe you will realise that I do! So you came over to gloat well sorry to piss on the parade with that one -so I guess we can expect it on Youtube and if only you had taken time withme some time ago maybe you and I would have shared more than we did but asyou will not be reading this I guess you will never know! J


Sent: Sun 3/21/10 7:52 AM

Don't think we have it
Sent: Sun 3/21/10 1:35 PM

Well, guess I was wrong...
And now you're thinking, you and Phil O. both, that "Yes, we finally got that SOB this time."
Well, here's the funniest part of all...

Wait for it...

... ...

Amazing what a set of lyrics and a reputation can do for you. You should of stuck to your guns at the beginning and assumed I didn't have it. I knew either way, whether you had the track or not, that I could get some type of reaction out of you. However, this is totally beyond even my expectations.
Now I have to you have any more rare tracks that you're saving to "get back at people"? I mean, you claim that you need to be saving them to trade for other rarities, but on a whim you can just post them to supposedly get back at me for claiming you didn't have it? If anything, all you've done is make people question your motives. Are you really saving them for the whole "rarities for rarities" excuse, or using them as golden nuggets to dole out on any given whim to make it seem like you're bigshots? Right now it looks a lot more like the latter. Not that I care HOW you guys look to a casual observer, but YOU might.

Thanks for the gift. And the laughs.

That last paragraph in my last message to them says it all. And the rest of it is the reason "In the Delta" is on YouTube. They've had this track and other tracks in their back pockets for years. Perhaps at one time they were trying to trade them for rare tracks, but that time has long passed. The holders of the few tracks they don't have want nothing to do with them. So, yes they could share them, but they don't. They save them for special this. They wanted to beat me to the bank, because they were worried I might get other rare tracks, or post the track on YouTube myself. Well, thinking they were gonna get me good...they posted it themselves. Thanks guys.

But don't let them tell you they are doing it because they are generous, or they are doing it because they wanted to share it. If I didn't press them, it never would of turned up. They are doing it because they THINK they got me good...oh no, no, no.

Can't wait to see how they will spin this. They are going to need to do some damage control.

Enjoy the track guys.


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  1. RL think they are the best Lizzy fans, but who would Phil prefer? The young and the rebellious or the old and selfish?
    You have forever got that over their heads.