Friday, March 26, 2010

OMG it's OMaGh.

Hi everyone.

Recently, RL has decided to release the famous Phil Lynott solo gig, 'Omagh 1982' to the public.

That said, demanding that everyone thank them for it is a bit silly. They had the gig for nearly 6 years (at least) and didn't bother to do anything with it until now. Why now? Scroll down my blog and put 2 & 2 together.

Again, the real thanks go to the person who was able to get this from Phil Lynott to begin with, which is something RL has never even mentioned...

Now to the show' a great SBD audio. The copy that RL has been giving out has gaps between all the songs AND is lossy. They assumed it wasn't based on the original notes I received with it, but upon further review, it's definitely lossy. However, the quality alone is superb, and well worth the download.

I took it upon myself to also open up all the files, remove the annoying gaps, and reconvert to new flac files, all aligned on sector boundaries. It's definitely an improvement, and should be the definitive version until a lossless version appears.

Here is the link for the entire show:

Enjoy the show everyone.