Monday, March 22, 2010


While RL is busy doing damage control (or touting themselves as heroes, depending upon your POV), I'm going to thank the REAL person responsible for "In the Delta" coming to light. I'm sort of disgusted at watching RL try to claim this as their doing. It's not like the track was discovered by them. Someone had it first. Hopefully I'll get to meet him personally and have a bit of a chat. Maybe someone who knows him can point him in my direction...


  1. Why is so much getting venomous when it comes to Lizzy collectors online? The guys at RL have gotten themself into some wars over the years. Then again, you're quite aggressive too, and I am not sure I understand your drivers either. It's all so negative.

  2. Hey, if it was up to me, it wouldn't be that way.

    But it's not. I've been an assertive person since I was young, and I don't get pushed around. As you said, RL has a tendency to start "wars". When they started one with me, I just chose not to be France. Get my idea? That's all I'm saying.