Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake vs. the Osbournes

Hi Everyone. I know this issue has been beaten to death, but I need to make some comments about it...mostly to shut up some obnoxious hard-core Ozzy fans.

On this particular post:, a discussion about the afforementioned issue has begun with myself and a user by the name of TheJayDeeOldBoy. I need to clarify some stuff about this issue before I go into my argument. This user previously went by the name "Sabbath370". Some of my longtime subscribers may remember him. He was an obnoxious jerk who pretty much had a hard-on for Ozzy Osbourne, hated Dio, hated anyone who argued against Ozzy's contributions to anything, and then when asked to prove his arguments, never could. He thinks he's some kind of expert, but in all reality, he doesn't know shit. He might be the British version of Scott Lifshine (some of you know who he is as well, and that should tell you something). His account was banned by YouTube long before the crusade that groups like WMG have taken on, and I'm fairly sure he was banned by YouTube simply because everything he said was idiotic, annoying, and 100% incorrect. He's like a troll, except trolls usually just do it for attention. He does it because he actually thinks he's correct.

Anyway, as most of you are aware, Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake were the original bassist and drummer for Ozzy Osbourne's solo band. They played and were credited on the first album, and also recorded the music for the second album, "Diary of A Madman". However, an issue arose about money. Daisley and Kerslake weren't being paid. Then, while on a vacation, Daisley and Kerslake were both fired, completely out of the blue. Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge were brought in AND given credit for the work on the album, despite the fact they never played a single note. Daisley and Kerslake later sued the Osbournes in 1987 and won a settlement.

I have a book in my personal rock library (that is still quite small), called "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath: The Battle for Black Sabbath", by Garry-Sharpe Young. It consists of many great interviews, although it takes from both the book "Black Sabbath: Never Say Die" and "Ozzy Osbourne: Rockdetector" (both written by Sharpe-Young). It's a good book to have if you want a perspective without shelling out for the latter, which I didn't. There's a good selection on page 59, where Aldridge said this:

"I remember someone (who shall remain nameless) trying to get me to rerecord the drums [on Diary]. I declined saying I couldn't approve upon what he [Kerslake] did. I didn't know it at the time, but I was being approached not to 'improve', but only to 'replace' his performance. I didn't know why but I can only imagine."

That was back in 1982 already. Oddly enough, Daisley returned to the fold and wrote 95% of the lyrics and some of the music for the following three albums after this (mostly because Ozzy's new musicians couldn't write shit either), through "No Rest of the Wicked". He also wrote lyrics for "No More Tears", but these were not used and other musicians and writers wrote that album for Ozzy. The entire Osbourne catalogue was remasted in 1995, and for the first time, people were able to pick up some of the original albums on CD. The catalogue was remastered again in 2002, but here's some important stuff to know:

1) The first two albums have the drums and bass entirely replaced by Mike Bordin and Robert Trujillo, effectively ruining them. (They sound like shit!)
2) 'Ultimate Sin' and 'Speak of the Devil' were completely deleted from the catalogue. (Good luck trying to buy those).

All this was done simply because Sharon didn't want Bob Daisley to get royalties for his work on the first two albums, and Ultimate Sin. I suppose there was no way to screw up the other two albums to prevent Bob Daisley from getting royalities from those either, but I doubt he's even getting paid anyway. If you're not aware, you can tell the difference between the '95 remasters and the '02 remasters by the CD cover. The former have "OZZY" in big letters with a small picture of the album, while the '02 remasters have the normal, full-sized cover. If you're looking to hear the original...go to Ebay and look online. They are still around. I actually bought "Ultimate Sin" brand new at Best Buy just over three years ago (2005) there's still hope.

So basically, if TheJayDeeOldBoy starts spewing nonsense from his piehole, don't listen to a word he says. Bob Daisley has been criminally mistreated by the Osbournes, and without him, Ozzy wouldn't be shit. That's right. Need further proof, look at the lyrics to Sabbath's "The Eternal Idol"...guess who wrote those?...

Bob Daisley...again.

I'm not going to repeat too much of the discussion on the YouTube page, but just so you are all aware, Ozzy admitted in 2004 that Daisley was the main lyric writer for ALL of his 80's output. Some fans still claim that in '82, Randy Rhoads said that him and Ozzy wrote it and that Bob Daisley didn't. That's a lie, and this is where I can use my history degree (which is given when one figures out how to sift through sources and determine was is actually fact, and what is actually bullshit) to explain why it's a lie. It's actually common sense. Do you really think that in 1982, Randy is going to go to an interview, with Ozzy at his side and Sharon probably in the backroom, and freely say on Radio/TV that an outsider and persona non grata in the Osbourne camp wrote "Diary of a Madman". You bet your ass he wouldn't. You can pretty much write that one off you Ozzy fans. Don't be so gullible...

Anyway, Daisley attempted to sue again in 2002, but his case was dismissed. He hasn't said much about it, but claims that outside influence and threats against him were made if he chose to pursue the matter. He has a book coming out about it, and when it comes out, I'm probably going to purchase it. Besides his work with Ozzy, he's also worked with Sabbath, Gary Moore, Rainbow, and some other amazing musicians. Probably a good buy for any rock music fan.

So anti-Daisley fans...I'll be looking forward to your arguments over at YouTube.

Oh, and TheJayDeeOldBoy...good luck trying to create the "Soon to be best channel for Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne and other related videos". I can't even say that with a straight face.


  1. Thanks for sharing these facts.I admit,I liked Blizzard of Ozz(that's all for Ozzy)and my 3 favorite Sabbath albums were from the Ozzy era(Master of Reality,Sabbath,Bloody Sabbath and Sabotage)I thought it was common knowledge that Ozzy doesn't write his own work.Back in the day it was Geezer Butler supplying the lyrics-including Paranoid.Sharon is a cunt,the fact that Sabbath went on tour under the name Heaven & Hell,I mean fuck you Sharon.Ozzy is NOT Black Sabbath.Tony Iommi is.Ozzy himself recorded ONE good album,his first solo album--that was all.In 2009,Ozzy is a cartoon character,a fucking joke.The Reunion tour sucked but the Heaven & Hell show kicked ass.I rest my case.

  2. I'm not going to disagree with this because it's true, but he was really good at melodies. If you dig around you can find some solo stuff he did with filler lyrics(admittedly they suck), but it got the overall feel for the song. Daisley would write lyrics based off the melodies and keep some of the filler lyrics in.

    Same thing with Ozzy's work in No More Tears and Ozzmosis. There was an interview with Lemmy( where he said he would get tapes of songs that Ozzy did with his filler lyrics(or storylines) and Ozzy would ask Lemmy to write the real lyrics. "See You On The Other Side" is an example. You have to give Ozzy some credit. I don't know why there is so much hate towards him?

  3. I have been a huge Ozzy fan for most of my life. I have heard Ozzy talk in interviews about writing the songs and his versions are no where near the versions of Daisley and Kerslake. Bob answeres a few of the most popular questions on his website I am swayed to Daisley's side by the sheer fact Ozzy was in bad shape at this time and could not have done what was accomplished on the first two albums without the other three. When it comes to the non-payment, there simply is no excuse for it. Goes to show money doesn't buy you class!

  4. Steven Machat talking about ozzy..

  5. if anyone wants to do right by Daisley and Kerslake and enjoy the music they wrote for Ozzy - go buy a copy of Living Loud.

    Hell, buy two and send the Osbourne's one with note indicating this is much better than the remastered crap coming out of Ozzycorp.

  6. Facts are facts. And the FACT is those first two Ozzy records are what they are because of Daisley and Kerslake. Kerslake, while being one of those lazy, behind the beat guys, came up with killer drum riffs and grooves that set the table for the Ozzy sound. And being a drummer myself, I can tell you they influenced me a great deal in high school.

    Bob Daisley is flat out one of the BEST rock bassists to walk this earth. Groove, feel, the way he attacks the strings, attitude - you cannot argue with this. And his contributions to the songwriting again, helped Ozzy into his second musical life. It's CRIMINAL the way he has been treated, just goes to show you that business is's cutthroat and nothing else.

    I am glad I have the original vinyl and CD's.

  7. Where the hell are these "facts" everybody is talking about? All I see in this article are biased opinions masquerading as facts. The author claims to have a history degree, yet presents no evidence for many of his claims.

    One paragraph that particularly bugs me is the one concerning an alleged statement by Randy that he and Ozzy wrote Diary. How does, "It's actually common sense. Do you really think..." demonstrate sifting through sources and determining what is actually FACT?

    I'm completely neutral on the Daisly vs. Osbournes vs. Sabbath debates, but I don't see any hard-hitting facts here. Without sources, quotes, and links, the article and many of the comments are just opinionated fan-boy crap.