Saturday, February 14, 2009

The DIME Mods are illiterate assholes.

Just recently I posted "More Peel Sessions" on DIME. First off, I would like to thank a fellow YouTuber, who went out of his way in getting me lossless copies of his silvers so I could post this on DIME.

About an hour ago, I got an email from one of the Mods on DIME about a reply I had made to another user. The user was slightly upset that I had removed a track from the torrent I posted. The track in question is "Emerald", recorded on 2/12/76 for the BBC. The actual boot lists the song as "Warriors", which is a mistake. As you can see this is already a slightly confusing issue. In any event, I removed the track from the torrent as the rules say you must.

Anyway, I replied to the user, saying that I had no intentions of posting the torrent on another site in full. I then explained the switch and said that a version of Warriors did in fact appear on another unreleased Peel Sessions disc (I think it's titled "Peel Sessions: Deep From the Vaults" or something...). I also have that particular track, and it's here on YouTube (look up "Warriors" BBC Session). This track is on the third release, and I expressed some hope that another user would post this 3rd disc.

Then I get the email from the Mod. He totally sends me this long uber-complicated and long-winded email, saying how my reply is bannable because I suggested that I was going to repost the torrent with the official release, and that on DIME, it could be trouble for them. What the fuck???? That's not what I said at all. I guess these people can't fucking read. Besides, even if I had said what they claimed, is it really THAT big a deal? Just fucking delete it and move on. I'd post the email sent to me here in full...but it's way too fucking long. I'll just post the first part, and my response.

"Before you read the rest of this message, open a window or tab in your browser and read this item in DIME's FAQ, so that you'll know what our policy is: OK, have you read it? Then let's continue. You posted this comment (#3074506) on (Thin Lizzy - More Peel Sessions )
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------In comment #3074174 Drifter1 wrote something like this:could you possibley upload this in its entirety at the traders den,its such a travesty to see Emerald cut off this,one of the best songs Phil wrote hands down....plz give it some thought,all the same its very nice to see this shared: )--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[This below is my original posted comment on the this!]

It's really not that big a deal. The officially released Peel Sessions disc has the exact same version of Emerald. I have it (in lossless) and got curious so I compared them and they are identical. However, I want to say that there is a version of 'Warriors' on another Peel Sessions boot. I have some of the tracks from it, but not in lossless, or the whole disc. Perhaps someone else has this disc and would like to share...

The Mod's reply
Because you were qouting Drifter1's comment and in addition suggested that someone else than yourself could upload the official material elsewhere, we've had to delete your comment. [NO! I said nothing about uploading official material!!!!] As you previosuly have been warned for spreading bannable, we know you this is a violation of DIME's terms of service.Drifter1 clearly asked you as uploader a question, but instead answering him a simple *no* this is officially released material so you can buy it, you chose to repete his message before you vaguely suggested that perhaps someone else could upload this elsewhere. [Yeah, the unofficial disc...not the official Peel Sessions disc...fucking christ!!!] You had the choice to handle this very differently. Instead of qouting Drifter1, you could for instance have reported the comment to the moderators and/or answered him differently and without repeating his comment, which of course would put you in a different light.DIME gets legal threats all the time, and two of them went so far as to get us shut down. We have to keep our noses very clean here. It won't help us much not to carry official material on the tracker if our front end is going to be a meetingplace for people who arranging to share it under the table. [It goes on...and on...and on...]

My reply:

"You misunderstood. The track "Warriors" has not been officially released and appears on yet another unreleased Peel Sessions disc. (I know because I have a copy of track, albeit not in lossless). I never said anything about posting this torrent with "Emerald" elsewhere, nor did I suggest anyone else should. I DID suggest that someone post the other unreleased Peel Sessions disc, since I don't have it. Perhaps instead of writing long-winded emails to me snapping at me for violating the CoC (which I didn't), you should read more carefully.

Thanks for understanding,

Now instead of them realizing their mistake and apologizing and this being forgotten about...I get TWO replies from the Mods...

From: DIME Mod Phenix059
"Ryan, your snotty irony in answer to a private email you were sent is perfectly OK in a private answer. But i *strongly* recommend you think twice before making your rant public."

Now, I didn't answer this email, because I know my account is more valuable then a fucking Mod on a powertrip. If I truly didn't care, I would of let this asshole have it. Let's remember it was THEM who fucked up in the first place. They are lucky they are just getting "snotty" out of me, rather than me opening up a can of E-whoopass on them. Besides...what does he mean by irony? The only irony is that they can type me long-winded emails about how I broke the CoC when they don't even understand what my initial comments were to begin with...which didn't break anything in the CoC.

From DIME Mod Brother_52
You misunderstood.

"No we didnt misunderstand. Drifter1 refered to "Emerald" which is available on "The Peel Session" released on Strange Fruit SFRCD 130.You wrote the following in the torrent description"Track 11, listed as "Warriors" is actually "Emerald" and has been officially released on The Peel Sessions Disc. It is not included as part of this torrent and is shown merely as a reference"You qouted Drifter1's spreading bannable comment where he asked for the full set including "Emerald" being uploaded elsewhere,where upon you answered "Perhaps someone else has this disc and would like to share... "."

[This is a fucking FAIL if I ever saw one. This dumbass still thinks I'm referring to the officially released Peel Sessions disc, rather than the 3rd disc which is one of the two that remain unreleased. For the record, there is no version of 'Warriors' on the officially released Peel Sessions, so I'm not sure what the fuck he is talking about. I honestly don't know how I could of been more clear on this. Holy shit...]

The track "Warriors" has not been officially released and appears on yet another unreleased Peel Sessions disc. (I know because I have a copy of track, albeit not in lossless).

"We are not talking about "Warriors" which is unreleased, but the track wrongly named on the bootleg "Warriors" which is infact "Emerald" from the Peel Session February 12th 1976, and which is officially released."

[I know what you're talking about. But that wasn't what I was talking about...]

Perhaps instead of writing long-winded emails to me snapping at me for violating the CoC (which I didn't), you should read more carefully.

"You have been warned previosly for spreading bannable and should have known better."

[Yeah, and I haven't since then. Still haven't. You think I did because you simply can't read.]

He then goes on to my two prior offenses. The first one was me mentioning that I downloaded the full version of the Hitchin Show on TradersDen (I didn't know you couldn't even speak about uploading something someplace else) and the second was when the assholes from RL showed up at DIME and we got into it. DIME didn't like us too much for that, and I don't blame them, but I was just defending myself and I have no regrets. Oh...and a third if you count how I referred this situation back on the original thread about how the Mod was wrong. And he is wrong.

All I would like is an apology...or hell...even an admittance that they misread the post. I don't care that it's deleted and it's not a big deal anyway. They want to make it a big deal. The high and mighty mods aren't ever wrong about anything though...

Fuck them, I'll just stop uploading my stuff there. I can do it over at the TradersDen from now on. If you're used to seeing me on DIME, then maybe you should get used to seeing me someplace else, because I'm tried of dealing with these asshole moderators who can't even fucking read, and when they get something wrong...get pissy about it when someone calls them on it. I typed 5 sentences back and the guy said it was a rant. Five sentences is not a rant. This blog is a rant. Get it fucking right!

That said, I didn't email them back. I don't want my account banned because of THEIR stupidity. Let those assholes think whatever they want. It's a good thing being a DIME mod doesn't make you shit in the real world...


  1. Hi!

    I also had a problem with DIMEADOZEN.
    I uploaded Grand Slam - Live&Demos. It is losless I bought it 8, 9 or 10 years ago.

    They say it has been released. OK, you can buy something via amazon which contains the Glasgow live show, but it is not offical, this is one of the - in my opinion - not official zoom club releases.

    I think only M Stanway earns roayalities and not someone from the lynott family.

    Anyway, my torrent was banned.
    I uploaded it (also losless) on demonoid, here is the link if you like. It Is Grand Slam - Live & Demos (live in Glasgow and demos) 100% losless. Look in the info text.

    Have Fun...
    Everyone can release a CD and sell it via amazon. This doesn't mean it is official.. (my opinion)


  2. Ah, one more:

    I wrote I bought, this is right, I didnt buy the Amazon thing, I bought a japanese CD by "BONDAGE MUSIC" this is someone that releases rare stuff like this. But NOT a record company.

  3. Yeah, I agree with you. DIME has a lot of misconceptions about what is official material and what isn't. This can be debated and if they don't want to take chances that's fine, but their Moderators often times are completely out of line. They act like jerks when they reply to you about violating the CoC (which is a crock of shit anyway), but this case was twice as bad, because I proved them wrong, and then they got in my face and basically said if I made their fuck-ups public they'd ban me. No apology, not even an admittance they were wrong. Complete powertrip. If my account wasn't important on there I probably wouldn't of let it go that easily, but DIME has the best recordings and the best group of contributors, IMO.

    I actually don't have an account on Demonoid. I should try to get one.