Saturday, February 21, 2009

"I have a rare version of (insert song title here)!" NO YOU DON'T!!!

Yeah ok, so that title is a bit over the top. Lately I've been seeing some perculiar things on YouTube that I thought I would point out and comment on, just because I can. One thing that has struck me as odd is the number of "super rare Sabbath tracks" on YouTube that turn out to be one of the following:

A) Not even a Sabbath song.

B) Something that's ridiculously common that people THINK is rare.

The second situation is somewhat forgivable. The first isn't. With the power of the internet at a person's disposal, there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why people should be posting music without checking it out first and making sure what they are actually posting is authentic. The reason I make a big deal about this is because I occasionally get messages from people asking if the stuff I post is legitmate, which of course it is. However, this doubt wouldn't exist if there weren't dumbasses posting music that isn't what they claim it to be. Here's a couple examples I'd like to share with you all.

Example 1: (EDIT: link has been removed)

Claim: This guy has posted a video called Black Sabbath - Electric Sleep. It's a track unreleased from the Paranoid-era. It's super rare!

What it actually is: Any idiot with a working hand could of gone to "related videos" and clicked on Sheavy's "Electric Sleep", where you would find THE EXACT same track being played live. You think the uploader would have been curious at all...but I guess not. This is stupidity at it's finest.

Example 2:

Claim: "Black Sabbath Paranoid (unknow demo) i've found this on a blog and i even remember the name, don't ask me questions about it 'cause i don't know! "

What it really is: Apparently in this user's excitement to get this "gem" uploaded, he didn't bother to proofread his title or video info. Already a bad sign. I have my doubts that this user found this on a blog, unless that blog was called "shitty 13 year old guitar player can play the Paranoid riff on his Squier guitar and record it and put it on YouTube". Now, if that had been the title of his video, then I would have no qualms about it. Instead, he has chosen to falsely title the video, which now will only bring him ridicule and shame. Mostly from me.

Example 3 (the best for last):

Claim: Black Sabbath * Sweet Leaf (clear sound)

What it really is: Yeah, it does have a clear sound. I also noticed that Ozzy has been replaced with a singer who can't even sing in the correct time, and the instruments have all been overdubbed! What a gem this is!

Now seriously...this has to be a joke. So I started prodding the guy for questions and this is what he tells me:

blacksabfan (2 days ago)
And what compilation would that be?

faggotmutilator666 (1 day ago)
Polish. Kinda odd, but it was cheap, so i got it. If you don't believe me, then don't.

Either he doesn't want to give up the ghost, or he's an idiot. Maybe he's embarrassed that he actually purchased this and has mentally convinced himself that he's listening to Black Sabbath. Then again, if I was Polish, I'd be upset because I don't think anyone from Poland would waste their time creating such a bootleg. It simply can't be an item that actually exists. It's a shitty cover, by a guy who doesn't sound anything like Ozzy. Again, if he wanted to post the cover, then by all means post it, but don't fucking say it's Black Sabbath. It's not. What pisses me off the most is that the guy keeps arguing with me and uses the lame excuse that he's just posting what it says on the cover. Here's an idea...LISTEN TO THE FUCKING SONG. This guy knows damn well it's not Sabbath, but insists on posting it as such anyway. In my world, if I ran YouTube, the guy would have his account taken away. Yeah, it sounds harsh...but there's too many people that spend years of their time collecting, cataloguing, and maintaining great collections of unreleased/live/bootleg material, to have to deal with shit like this. It's a waste of everyone's time and it's dishonest. People shouldn't have to doubt collectors that have extensive knowledge of the band's material just because some dolts think they have some great unreleased demo version of Paranoid. It's all fools' gold people...fools' gold.

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  1. I saw the exact same post. That is, the "Black Sabbath-Sweet Leaf(Clear sound)" or whatever it was called. I mean, if the guy wants to post a cover song(Although, it's not very good)fine by me, but at least take the time to title it correctly. I can't stand when people do that. If I'm in doubt myself about a certain track or whatever I at least ask someone who might have a clue. To me, it's common sense, but I guess that evades some people.