Monday, January 19, 2009

Who gives birth to these people????

Hi everyone,

Earlier tonight, I posted my first Sabbath torrent over at DIME, which was coincidently was the infamous "Riot Show" that took place in Milwaukee, WI on October 9, 1980. It's a unique show, and I say that because it's the only audio of a riot (that I'm aware of) that exists on tape. I've posted the riot portion on YouTube previously and it was one of my top 9 most listened to audios.

Occasionally on this clip, I get some jackasses that comment about how Dio didn't do enough to stop the eventual riot, or comments such as: "Sabbath should of played anyway" or "The bottle should of been thrown at Dio" or "Dio is a bitch because he ran away and didn't beat the guy up" or other ridiculous bullshit. Here's my views on the entire subject.

First off, Geezer, by his own admission, was knocked out when the bottle hit him, and didn't even completely come to until he was at the hospital. Not so much from the bottle hitting him in the head (which probably was bad enough) but from hitting the stage floor. So you tools that keep saying "Sabbath should of kept playing"...that was completely out of the question. They couldn't continue, so get that thought out of your tiny brains. Okay?

Secondly, who's retarded enough to pay money for a ticket to see a band, and to get so hammered/stoned/fucked up that you can't even watch the show. That's bad enough, but to throw a bottle at one of the band members? If you hate them that bad, then save your money and keep your ass at home. Don't drag your drugged-out ass to the show, probably fucked up enough to get a DUI on the way there (or back) and be the instigator of a riot. There's no way anyone could pull anymore of a bitch move then that. Period. If you hate Dio and think the bottle should be thrown at him instead, all I'm going to say is that no respectable human should behave like that. If you don't like him, then don't listen to his music and don't go to the show. If you're at a festival and you don't like a band, then use the bathroom, get something to eat, or buy some merchandise. Don't be a dipshit and get yourself arrested. Honestly, throwing shit at a band will only make them think they are better than they really are, and make them more determined to make more shitty music. If everyone just walked away from the stage, think about how shitty that band would feel. They might actually think they suck and quit. Maybe.

So what's Dio to do about it? Should he have thrown himself into the crowd to protect the honor of Geezer and the band and punched that guy in the face? You probably think "YEAH!!! That would be so metal!!! LOL!!!!"


This idea was attempted 11 years later in St. Louis by Axl Rose. Apparently not thrilled with the security, Axl Rose jumped into the audience and punched a fan who was taping the show. This led to a lawsuit by the fan, and a full-scale riot after Axl's outburst and premature end to the show. Dio is obviously a smarter and more classy man than Axl is, and while it might appear to be "cool" to you neanderthals out there, that's an EVEN WORSE way to handle the situation. Glad that has been cleared up.

Anyway, this 'brilliant' guy by the name of "ozzymanod411" has commented on the afformentioned audio. He's inspired this post in a way, but in a way I feel bad for him. This guy has the unofficial distinction of typing the most idiotic comment ever on ANY of my uploads. That's pretty hard to do. I mean, who gave birth to this person? Is it not too late that we can't stuff him back up into his mother's uterus and abort this M.F. before he kills someone due to his overwhelming stupidity? I mean come on...this has to be a joke...there's no way anyone can be this dumb and actually be serious. Yet, I'm totally baffled. Just read this shit:

ozzymanod411 (1 week ago) Show Hide
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haha, dio, what a bitch, "the stage is not a trash can, we dont apreciate getting things thrown at us" haha what a retard if someone in my band got hit with a bottle i would find the mother fucker that threw it and kill him/her

blacksabfan (1 week ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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Yeah I'm sure you would...

ozzymanod411 (4 days ago) Show Hide
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wow u r a genius, that has to be the best come back i've ever seen, where is your rebellion, well i guess if i was a shriveled up turd like dio i wouldn't want to fight either

blacksabfan (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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What are you even talking about?

ozzymanod411 (2 days ago) Show Hide
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your dumbass comment "yeah i'm shure you would"

blacksabfan (2 days ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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I meant it sarcastically. I don't think you have the balls, or ability, to kill anyone. You don't seem bright enough to pull it off either. Really the only dumbass is you...I'm amazed you can breathe, let alone type malformed and idiotic comments on YouTube. Your parents must be proud. Now make yourself unavailable for further comment, or I'll have to force the issue...

ozzymanod411 (2 hours ago) Show Hide
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i wasnt commenting on your sarcasm i got that i was commenting on how well thought out it was, you and all your idiot friends that think dio is an excuse for a human being need to kill yourselves, he is a stuck up bastard who's lyrics have no meaning whatsoever and has inspired a decade of brainless followers, and saying that you are going to kill someone is a figure of speech, If someone had thrown a bottle at a band member of mine i shure wouldnt say "the stage is not a trash can" and then hid

blacksabfan (4 minutes ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
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So should Dio have jumped in the audience and punched the guy? Axl Rose tried that about 9 [11 years but I was working from memory] years later and guess what dipshit? It led to a riot! (which is what my second picture is from coincidently). So your solution isn't any better, and you get a box of FAIL for your effort.

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Besides, you calling me and a bunch of other people "brainless" is hilarious given that you can't fucking type a single sentence, or at least what would be considered a sentence (they end in periods). I could assume your keyboard is broken, but I think I'd rather assume you're a fucking dolt.Seriously, I had a hard time trying to figure out how to approach this. It might be the most goddamn stupid piece of writing ever written on anything I've posted (and I've seen a lot of bullshit).

Seriously??? This dude hasn't typed one fucking sentence the entire time and he's calling ME brainless?! What does one even say to this glaring hypocrisy? Not just me even, but everyone that likes Dio. That's a lot of 'brainless' people. Although I have yet to meet a Dio fan that couldn't type of complete sentence, but I HAVE seen at least 20 Ozzy fans write me comments that might as well been written like they just banged their head on the keyboard and hit "post". I like Ozzy, but I honestly am starting to buy into the stereotype that more of Ozzy's fans are white-trash losers with ZERO education. I'm not even considering the fact that everything this asshole said was 100% wrong. But at least he knows what a figure of speech is...he's still got that going for him.


Oh, and I said that I'd post a link with my next post...yeah sorry. Check back Wednesday for that.

Thanks for reading.


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