Monday, January 5, 2009

Part 2

Picking up where I left off...

August 8, 2008 started like any other day. I get on in the afternoon to check my YouTube page and notice that I have about 30 more comments than I normally do in any given day...all on the same two videos, the Catholic Charm video and the What's The Matter Baby video. I start reading the comments and it's all criticism. I got posts saying that the music didn't belong on YouTube, and because of what I had done, bootleggers were now going to get the music and make $ from it (which doesn't make sense) and how I didn't give proper credit or how the music was copyrighted and wasn't allowed on there. None of the posts made sense and after arguing my point a bit, I decided to just delete all the posts. That shit doesn't contribute to anyone's enjoyment of the music and it really isn't needed. (I really should do that for every idiotic comment I get on every video, but some are so unintentionally hilarious I can't resist commenting back...)

After this, I logged on to RL to see if anything new was going on and I was greeted by a comment from Phil Osborne which said something the effect of "not as smart-mouthed on here as you are on your YouTube page, are you Ryan?". I quickly learned that it was him and a few others that were behind this hate-campaign on the music I posted. I had seen this before. Other people got blasted by him and some of the other RLers and either stopped coming back or were booted from the site. I didn't do anything wrong and I felt I didn't answer to him or anyone else. Who made him the boss of what I can post?? In fact, it was one of their own that double-crossed me to begin with, and now they have the nerve to come at me and criticize MY actions. I wasn't about to stand for it. I was very quick to defend myself and I did quite well, considering everyone else piled on Phil O.'s side and it was one against about 12. Another gentleman I had never even spoken to demanded I apologize for my actions. I told him that "I would apologize when hell freezes over and monkeys fly out of my ass." Eventually things calmed down, but I was still barred from the site in early December 2008. Whatever.

They have instigated everything at every step. They screwed me first, then sought me out and left me hate mail and spam, then on their own site called me out and threw me under the bus...and they expect me to be nice to them? To give them the time of day and respect?? They must be out of their fuckin' minds. Then just a couple days ago it happens again over at DIME. A few of them show up, acts like 2 year olds, and get all pissy when I tell them to 'get bent'. Quite a typical exchange.

Oh, and back to Jim Cameron...while all this was going on, Jim Cameron didn't say a word...not for at least 3 or 4 weeks. Eventually the truth came out about his involvement and all of a sudden, he wanted to make amends for his actions. In truth, he knew he was in BIG TROUBLE with the rest of RL and wanted to attempt to fix this. He ended up sending me two additional tracks from the T&L sessions (but STILL not the whole disc, like I had innitially requested). I took them and in exchange, I took down Catholic Charm and What's the Matter Baby from YouTube. Also, there was so supposed to be no further discussion of the incident, no badmouthing from either side, and it was all supposed to end. Fair enough.

Obviously, it didn't happen that way though. Sometime in September (edit: October 12, sometimes my mental clock fails me) I received another message at YouTube from Jim, and he basically blasted me again, whining about how he had been "kicked out" of the "inner circle" because of MY actions. He went on and on about how now no one would be willing to trade with him. To that, I basically said I didn't give a rat's ass, and that it was HIS ACTIONS toward me that caused this whole incident, and that now he can feel like the other 99% of fans that aren't able to get the material that does exist. That was the end of my communication with Jim. Meanwhile, veiled criticism of me and some other people continued over at RL and for awhile I just ignored it. I was still willing to not stir the pot even though I graciously accepted less than what I was promised and appeased those over at RL. I had broken my back to please these people...and that still hasn't been enough. I got tired of it, and back up Catholic Charm and What's the Matter Baby went. I figured if they are going to badmouth me, I might as well give them a half-assed reason instead of no reason at all. Besides, they had been heard and even put in torrents prior to me taking them down the first time. They are out there now, so lets keep them out there.

There's one more part to this story that I have to leave out for now. Perhaps someday I can tell it, but the reason I can't is that it's still going on at this very moment. It's regarding the amount of Lizzy that has appeared on DIME in the last month. It's not an accident. I know EXACTLY why it's happening. That's for another day (or maybe year) though.

This is pretty much it. There's a few other minor things but this is really what one needs to know. I hope this makes things more clear for you all on why I have criticized RL. Perhaos if they would leave me alone...I wouldn't have to leave their email address in my channel page... (edit: I have since removed it)

Thanks for reading.



  1. Hi!

    I have to post a comment about the two parts about the people in the RL Forum.
    If it would not be so serious I would say it is funny how stupid some fans are.
    What I cannot understand is, that we are big Thin Lizzy Fans, (I think I am a HUGE Fan) and they love Phil Lynott's work and music, I like it, you like it. If you are 45, 35 or 25 years of age is absolutely not important.
    You are absolutely right, they behave like kids. If you hold something back to share, it is ok, for a time. But after so much time all people should be able to enjoy all the great work of Phil Lynott.
    The first time I heard "Revolution" I was feeling like a had a completely new record from Phil Lynott. I felt like many many years ago. It is such a great song, although it was "work in progress" everyone who likes Phil Lynott and the music should be able to enjoy it.

    Rightnow so many new shows and songs have been posted, I am listening every day to something new. The "Lyon" show is absolutely great, great Phil Lynott Talk on stage!

    Everyone is happy that there is so much good stuff to listen to and that there aren't any bootlegers who sell the CDs for 30 Dollars.

    OK, you will have read that English isn't my first language, but I hope you understand what I mean.

    TO Blacksabfan:
    I am proud and happy that there are people like you. Keep up the good work. I am sure there are a lot of people that think like I do, even if not so many are answering here. Thanks again!

    TO some of the RL Forum people:
    Please calm down and let us all be what we are: Big Music Fans or Thin Lizzy supporters that like to hear their favourite band!

    Bye Bye

  2. You speak better English than a lot of actual English speakers.

    I'm not too worried about people commenting on my blog. I just started it and a lot of people don't even know it's here. I know other people have read it and just choose not to leave comments. I'm totally ok with that. I'm just happy people are reading it, (especially when I'm longwinded). I really set it up just so people could understand where I'm coming from, and so I could vent about certain things that bother me. Any comments I get are just bonuses.

  3. I can only agree with what Joe says :) We should all have the chance to enjoy the wonderful music from Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott.

    And this blog is really nice reading and it's fun to read and talk about bootlegs and different recordings. And all these bootlegs that's been uploaded on Dime and other places are not only good listening, they breath new life in to the studio albums and makes them even better. And they keep the interest for Phil Lynott and his music alive.

    I am from Sweden so my english isn't the best either. I am more of a reader than a writer :)

  4. Blacksabfan, its BoomboxLAMF from youtube, i just read both these posts. I went through alot of the same shit with people over some Stiv Bator's stuff. But i wasnt harassed or anything like that, thats pretty ridiculous. But anyways, thanks for the comp., havent listened to it yet, but im sure its awesome. Are you getting all this stuff through people on the internet? thats why ive never heard it, im a record hound man, thats where i try and find everything, but when i found your youtube page, it was like i had found the TL Holy Grail!

    well anyways

    happy new year and later days

    p.s. thank you for letting the "other 99% of fans that aren't able to get the material that does exist" get a chance to hear it! very much appreciated man.