Friday, January 2, 2009

Well looks like it's back on again...

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow I will have the two compiliations posted. I would have liked to put them up in lossless format, but I do not have lossless copies of a majority of the songs these compilations are comprised of. Mp3 will have to do I suppose, which leads me into the main topic of my post.

Tonight over at DIME I posted my fourth torrent. I posted the T&L Demos. If anyone is interested, head on over there. I'm getting used to making torrents now, and I can make them pretty fast. Obviously though, you need lossless files to post over at DIME. Thankfully, in the last month or so, there has been a big push on DIME by me and a few other people to post some "new" Lizzy/Lynott related material. I know why this "push" occurred, but that will be explained at a much later date.

Needless to say, my 'mortal enemies' at RL have decided to come out of the woodwork over at DIME and berate me and accuse me of diluting the quality of audio by posting on YouTube and also are pissed because I badmouth them. Apparently I'm an ungrateful jerk that doesn't respect what they have done in the past to get certain things made available to the legions of Lizzy fans. They left their nonsense over at 'Thin Lizzy - Nuremburg '83 torrent' on DIME, and my response to them is located over there as well. I'm not going to repeat it all here, but I would like to make some points very clear.

1) I am always trying to upgrade my stuff. If I have lossy files, I'm constantly looking for the lossless ones. The reason so much lossy crap exists on the internet is that some idiot converts lossless files into lossy and passes them on. Meanwhile, the original lossless files disappear from the torrents and certain people stop posting shows (because they are mad that their music is being diluted) and stop contributing. The lossless files disappear and people are left with the shitty lossy files. I've never converted lossless into lossy and passed it on. I have passed on lossy that I have found in that format, simply because I know people want to hear ANYTHING they can. The lossy stuff I have is stuff I found or was given in that format. Hopefully I'll be able to upgrade it eventually, but until then...

2) Even with the existence of lossy files, that doesn't mean people shouldn't be allowed to enjoy the music. I post on YouTube whatever I have...whether I'm posting uncompressed .wav files, or lossy .mp3 files. I found them in that manner, and if they are around and there's no better quality, why NOT post them. Lossy is better than nothing.

3) If more people posted their lossless stuff, and kept it seeding, people would be able to obtain the best quality audio at any time. Lossy would still exist, but the existance of lossy doesn't decrease the amount of quality lossless shows. It also discourages bootlegging for profit, because if shows are made available on sites like TheTradersDen and DIME, then people can get them for FREE. Hoarding and suppressing material only allows bootleggers to keep their jobs and make like bandits on Ebay.

This is why I post stuff. Not only is it historical, but it's insuring that material doesn't end up lost, or in the hands of people that will make others pay to hear it. Why anyone would be against this, I have no idea. RL can sit and make excuses about how I'm doing evil deeds and how I'm capitalizing from their hard work. Well ok...if you don't want me to capitalize...then POST THE MATERIAL YOURSELVES. They have all the same stuff I do and even more, but yet they just sit on it. They hoard and supress it, and then when a few shows leak, they sit around and wonder why they get converted to lossy format and why they continue to multiply in that format. If they put it all on DIME and kept it there, there wouldn't be as much dilution. What they are doing is actually contributing to THE PROBLEM. I figured this out a long time ago, but yet they refuse to follow my lead and would rather fight against me. Fools....

My next post will explain how exactly my "issues" with RL began. So if you guys want to hear a good story, come back tomorrow.


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