Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A little late but...

Yeah...I know I promised a new post over the weekend, but I got busy with non-internet related activities and totally forgot. Sorry.

Here's another show for you all. I promised some Ray Gillen and here it is. This is from a vinyl bootleg known as "The Sphinx". It was the second bootleg I ever heard and I didn't hardly know what it was at the time. I think I was about 18 or so, and I'm not even sure if I had every official Sabbath album at the time. I was looking around on the internet for downloads and came across this, knowing it was Sabbath, but not really knowing anything about Ray Gillen.

So I sort of set it aside. Only about three years later I figured out exactly what I had.

'The Sphinx' is one of the last shows Ray Gillen played with Black Sabbath, and is a complete audience recording of their gig at the Hammersmith Odeon on 2 June 1986. There is also a more common, incomplete FM recording for the gig, but this isn't what I have. I got my copy of the Sphinx in .mp3 form, and have not seen a lossless copy of this show as of late. I would be interested in one if a person has it, or better yet, post it on DIME or TradersDen so everyone can enjoy it.

Until that time though, here's the link to the Sphinx (in Mp3)

Now, there's been some recent developments I have to attend to. Full version of "The Rebel"? Maybe...


  1. Hey, I've noticed from the links below only 2 haven't hit the download limit. I'm wondering whether the other shows are on that Dime torrent website you keep mentioning?

    I've never heard of it, and upon signing up it said the site didn't accept any new sign-ups as of now.

  2. You have to keep trying. DIME allows something like 102,000 accounts (I'm not sure of the exact number). Every 10 minutes, inactive accounts get deleted and new ones get added. Sometimes it takes a few tries. The best thing to do is to try at a time that isn't very convenient for anyone in America or in Europe. I think I signed up at like 2 AM or something here...(8 or 9 AM in Europe). Just avoid peak hours and it's not that hard.

    With regards to the links. I've been having trouble lately uploading shows into Megaupload. Their limits are less strict than Rapidshare, which is why those links tend to crap out faster. Hopefully that gets corrected and I can repost shows, but the Megaupload ones should work.

    Thanks for the comment.